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Exterior Lights Help


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1974 Scout II
All running lights work properly.
Right brake lights work properly.
Right blinker works properly.
Front left blinker stays on solid.
Rear left blinker does not come on.
Hazards - front left and right work properly.
Hazards - rear right works properly.
Summary - Left rear brake, hazard, blinker does not function. Front left blinker does not function.

I've taken everything apart and can not figure out the problem. I assume there's a bad ground somewhere, but where? Please help.


Do you have an incandescent probe with alligator ground clip? If not, get one and use it to check for power in the socket contacts of the left rear light housing. If no power there, then check for power at the rear gang connector on the right hand side near the end of the frame.


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No power to socket. If I am looking correctly, the wiring goes from drivers side to passenger side tail light, and then it looks to go towards firewall? Is there a quick easy way to check at the firewall to see if the problem is way up there?


It's helpful to always think of where the power is coming from as being the origin point in relation to the fixture trying to be lit, which is the destination. So while you're technically correct, when you consider how the power flows, you actually have it backwards. The flow of current to the rear tail lights is as follows:
Headlight switch to firewall bulkhead connector, then traveling down the right hand frame channel to a gang connector at the right rear of the vehicle. From there it splits out to the light housings on either side. Any major junction point has the potential to be the break in power flow. That most certainly includes the gang connector at the rear and the firewall bulkhead connector. Both locations should be checked for the presence of power when the HL switch is activated.
Also check the flat connector that comes out of the steering column. The rear brake lights and blinkers go through this connector. Sometimes things get corroded. And sometimes the actual wire crimps migrate out of the connector. Disconnect the two halves and inspect for corrosion. I usually WD40 the metal parts and scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse with more WD, then blow it out with compressed air. Same treatment at the bulkhead connectors at the fire wall. Its surprising at how resistive a decent looking contact can be. Never hurts to give them a scrub.
I had a crazy problem where some cheap LED tail lights would short my tail and brake lights together. It would cause my turn signals to work erratically in one direction when my headlights were on. Otherwise they were okay. Replacing the bulb with a regular incandescent fixed it.