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EFI / VMS conversion on a IH 304


New member
Okay this might be a tad ambitious of a conversion but here's what I am looking to do:

I have a 1968 model IH loadstar school bus that was converted to a "race bus" quite a few years ago, we are currently working on redoing the interior of the bus to modernize it as a rv.

The bus is powered by a IH 304 and is obviously a carb'ed engine.

In the end what I would like to do is get rid of the mechanical gauges and replace them all with a ipad/tablet. There are a slew of apps available now that use a connector that plugs into the odb2 port of a vehicle and gives you all the information that can be pulled via odb2.

Obviously I would need a few things:
1) a fuel injection system that is odb2 compliant for check engine lights and such.
2) electronic oil pressure sending unit.
3) electronic fuel level sending unit.
4) electronic temp sending unit.
5) electronic tach readout
6) electronic speed sending unit @ tranny?

Im sure there are other sensors that I am forgetting at this time but you can see where im trying to go with this. I see some of the conversions here seem to use GM / Ford parts so if I went with a FI setup from a GM vehicle I could probably rob most of the other required sensors and such from the donor vehicle.

Am I on the right track? Should I look for a specific year donor vehicle to find most of what I need?

Thanks in advance!
You know, to get that old sv 304 to play nicely with an obd2 system seems like opening a whole case of worms, a bag or two of frustration and a box of lost sleep.

You will need an obd2 computer, either a maf or speed density intake to cobble into place, a full harness for the computer and engine bay, the manual for the system, etc.

You might use a Ford maf system from a 96-97 f250/350 California 460/7.5l manual shift truck, since they are maf. Also rare as hen's teeth. The throttle body and upper intake could be adapted to mount onto a 4bbl intake. Those silly enough to go back to carbs on the obs trucks use an adapter plate to add a carb to the stock intake. You will need to add an egr tube because the computer expects to see it.

The intake will need eight bungs installed for the injectors, two injector rails fabbed up (that don't leak) and the Ford dizzy modified to work on the ihc engine. That, or modify the ihc dizzy to accept the Ford guts.

Now, since you would have to find a whole running Ford to have working parts (or lose your mind jy tromping), gut the stuff out of the Ford and begin the laborious process of mounting and fabbing. Plenty of beer and pizza needed now.

Make sure to check the computer for leaking capacitors and fix those first. Easy peasy if you can solder. Mount that where it will not Get wet. Don't forget to switch your fuel tank over to have a high pressure pump. Wire it in like a Ford pump.

If you have done everything right, a Ford style scanner will return a 11 - 11 and the truck will run. Note-no gauges or tablet connected at startup=no start. That was our experience.

Sorry if this is verbose but its honestly what you would need to do what you're thinking of doing. I also would highly recommend against it, having done this to a 390fe Ford in a '68 f250.

A friend got to the "engine compartment stripped bare" stage before calling me in. I developed an ulcer before it was done. Could have done it all with a dakota digital dash. That tablet he uses to monitor the truck has been stolen twice and even when it's working, it freezes, letting you find out about an empty tank the hard way.:icon_evil:

hope this gives you some insight.