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DUI HEI Distributor is absolutely worth it


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I've been slowly working to modernize my Scout II.

Latest project was "to improve the ignition". I bought a DUI HEI distributor. In a word, game-changing. To be fair, my stock ignition system, 48 years old, was past its prime and likely had various issues. Having said that, my Scout would start, idle, drive, and "worked". But I wanted more and better.

So I bought the DUI HEI Distributor and it was at my house in 3 days. It was well packaged. The instructions were perfectly fine. Literally is a 1 wire hookup (two if you have a tach). I did the this-n-thats with pulling a distributor, deleted the coil, supplied full voltage, and stabbed the new DUI in. I had a set of Mallory universal 703's around and used those in conjunction with some new E3 sparkplugs. Fired right up on the first try.

Speaking of firing right up, here's what I experienced:

1. My Scout starts easier and faster​
2. Without changing anything else, my idle jumped 200 RPM​
3. Engine revs easier​
4. Exhaust at cold startup smelled less "gassy" (am assuming it is burning its fuel more completely)​
5. It sounds better​
6. It's never run better​
Summary: Totally worth it
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