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do I need a rebuild ?

My 67 800 has not run in over a year (maybe 2) I started it up and ran it a couple of miles ran great- then as I pulled up to the driveway the 800 acted like it was out of gas I say the fuel filter was really dirty- changed it and nothing I can see and hear the (Electric)pump pumping It'll start but I have to have it run at 2,000rpm or it will NOT stay running at idle- The carb is a Summit Racing 4bbl carb(600CFM) - and it has been a great carb for me-
The last time I rebuilt the carb was about 3-4 years ago- any ideas? Thanks in advance


The dirty fuel filter is your most telling clue. The fuel supply went stale from sitting so long. Gas just doesn't keep that long. More than likely, some junk made it past the filter and found its way into the tiny idle circuit passages in the carb. That's why it won't idle, but you can keep it running by adding throttle. You might have some luck by removing the idle mixture screws, blasting a jet of carb cleaner spray into the hole followed by compressed air. Then reset the mixture screws. You probably ought to purge that fuel supply and clean out as much of your fuel delivery plumbing, even the tank itself. Replace filters and start with a fresh fuel supply.


Not only is that old gas hard on the fuel lines and carb, but burning it through the engine can actually cause damage. And you can't refresh it by mixing new with old. All that does is taint the new fuel. You can add Marine Stabyl to fresh fuel and that will help preserve it for awhile longer, but even that has its limits.