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Dizzy cap help


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I am running into an issue trying to locate the correct cap for the dizzy in my scout, 68' 800 w/ 196 4x4 t90 trans, d20 transfer. Number on the dizzy reads 360724-c91 (which im guessing has been replaced in the past).

Long story short, it has been a plow rig for the last 27 years and I have only had it for 2. It was running for part of the winter after I got it then died out. Ended up building an engine harness for it since that was cooked down by the starter and did a basic tune up. Rebuilt carb (a carter yf unit), new coil, plugs, cap, rotor, and points. She cranks and has fuel but no spark from the dizzy.

Points, IH-4281 (matched the set that came out of it)
Rotor, IH-318 (fits the dizzy)
Cap, IH-443 (fits according to the parts catalog)

It looks like the rotor is not making contact with the center button on the inside of the cap. Does anyone have another P/N for a cap that fits this thing? I just need to get this thing to run to move around the yard for now until I can do the resto on it and drop in a cummins 4bt or rs2.8.


Those are the right p/n's for cap and rotor to fit a Holley curved points distributor which is what you seem to have. Pictures of everything would help in identification. Your new points p/n corresponds with a curved points set which you say matches what came out when the vehicle last ran. That all jives as being correct, at least on paper. Did you replace the condenser too? Did you set the point gap correctly? Have you verified that you have voltage at the coil POS terminal when the IGN is switched ON? If you don't have power there, you'll never get a spark. Have you compared the new rotor to the old one and new Dizz cap to old?


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The condenser was replaced as well. I won't be able to get pictures until the weekend. Everything looked to be the same when it was removed, short of measured everything out.
What should the point gap be for this? I set it at 0.015" as a rough guess since I didn't have the service manual with me at the time.
I will recheck the wiring when I get a chance too. There was voltage present when cranking I don't remember if I checked with ign on. That is a helpful start, I will have to go check my wiring again to make sure I got the 12v ign lead since I just sort of threw together a harness to make it run.