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Differences 392 IC Vs NON-IC

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Questions about ic vs non-ic sv392's have come up more than once. I wanted to post some photos to show the differences of the two versions while I have both in my garage.

The photo captions define what the image showing.
392fvIC (Medium).JPG
392 ic front
392fvNONIC (Medium).JPG
392 non ic front
392head pgNONIC (Medium).JPG
392 head plugged for 196
392headpgIC (Medium).JPG
392 head plugged for ic 392
392svleftIC (Medium).JPG
392 ic block left deck
392svleftNONIC (Medium).JPG
392 non ic block left deck
392svNONIC (Medium).JPG
392 ic block right deck
392svrightIC (Medium).JPG
392 non ic blockright deck
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Michael Mayben

IHPA Tech Moderator - Retired & No Longer Online
Thanks Robert!! We needed this thread!

Ya got comparison shots between ic and non-ic head gaskets? If ya don't I May have some.

Also, the intake manifold gasket(s) for an ic head (either set up as 196 or 392) have restricted rear water ports with a 3/8" hole.

The non-ic 392 and non ic 196 use intake gaskets that have no restriction in the rear water port. And those same intake gaskets are used in the 345 application.



Are there any differences between the ic and non-ic heads themselves or just the block and where the water tubes enter?
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The heads are vastly different and cannot be interchanged. You can get a glimpse of the differences by looking closely at the pics that compare the intake manifold gaskets and also the head gaskets. There are obvious differences from stem to stern in both cases.

Tiny Yokum

Wanting to put rebuilt 345e heads on a 1973, 392 improved cooling. 4v
I've heard of it done for performance reasons, probably not on non-improved cooling long block.
Engine runs good as is, future rebuild with or without 345e heads.?
392ic not pictured