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Dash, Marker and Tail Lights out


New member
Hello all,

I noticed dash, marker and tail lights are out. Recently pulled the license plate wire to install new light and put in a new stereo. I do not know when the lights went out. Headlights, blinker and brake lights work fine, and all the fuses are good but replaced them anyway. Is there a ground somewhere in the tailgate I may have pulled? The Scout 2 electrical diagrams are confusing to me. The license plate light was not even connected to anything, and there is also what appears to be a trailer power wire just hanging out the back. I am stumped.

Thanks for your help,



Hi Jake. There are two rectangular rubber bulkhead connectors coming through the fire wall high up on the passenger side. Try unplugging and reseating these first. They are the source of your type problem I'd say at least 80% of the time. One is the engine connector, it will have the two large 10 gauge wires for the ammeter. The other is the rear lights connector, and is probably the one causing you grief. There is also a third one under the brake booster that goes to the front lights. Good luck.