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Dana 20 Breather


Is the Dana 20 breather a press in or screw in? I have another tail that I just tapped the breather out of because it was round at the base, so I just figured it was pressed in. But now looking at it, it has grooves in it like it used to have threads prior to me tapping it out. Unless those are grooves just to hold it in.

I'm getting a lot of oil blowing out. I think it is the breather, but I'm not sure. I thought I'd try plugging something in and running a hose off it to see if that stops this oil slick I got going.


I can't answer your questions about the breather, but I do have some thoughts about the oil spewing. It is most likely the result of failed seals inside your adapter housing allowing atf to migrate into the t-case. Another sign of this is the occasional necessity to top off your trans fluid. Where's that fluid been going? Into your t-case. I'll bet if you pull your t-case fill plug, you'll have an absolute pressurized geyser of cross-mojinated atf and gear lube. I just dealt with this recently.


The d-20 breather is pressed in. The grooves are normal, they assist in holding in the breather in place.

Threading in a 1/8" pipe thread where the breather is, then installing a hose fitting and hose works well, in my experience.

The trans-to-tcase adaptor has a drain hole in it which will allow any leakage to drain. If the hole is plugged, as can happen, then atf could get into the t-case.
Clear the drain hole and see if anything comes out.
The area inside the adaptor should not hold any fluid and is normally dry.


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The case is not over full. I can't even touch any oil through the fill hole. It's leaking, but not refilling.