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Clutch for built SD33T


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Hey guys, I think I was one of the first to buy the nv4500 adapter kit, bought mine back in 2008 or 09 when they first got produced.

I finally got all my ducks in a row for my project. My truck is actually a Nissan patrol but I am using 1986 patrol sd33t, Scout engine plate, Scout flywheel, Scout bellhousing, nv4500, atals 3spd t-case.

The engine was built awhile back. It is highly modified. Two intercoolers, shaved sump, turbo and super charged. It is not a power monster but power comes on from idle with the s/c. It has tons of torque. The truck is running 37-40" rubber on portal axles. It is a rock crawler trailer queen.

I am wondering what to do about clutch. I am not familiar with the Dana clutch I found in my donor Scout sd33t. I am familiar with japanese stuff. The Dana looks like an old school design with the three fingers. I am wanting the best clutch I can get. Is there a better clutch available for the Scout sd33t? Fully able to drill the flywheel to suit a different clutch but this Dana sucker looks a bit unique and is rather tall. Could/should I get it rebuilt for my application?

Any advice or finger pointing in the right direction would be awesome! Last piece of the puzzle I need is a new clutch. Over 5yrs in the making on this drivetrain and I am ready to complete this ordeal, just needs me a good clutch.

Oh and hey on the topic of clutch. I am going to convert mine from manual using rods to hydraulic using a slave cylinder. Seems pretty easy to me to do after looking at it awhile. But has anybody done this or better yet, got pics!? :)

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If that flywheel is the same as a Scout it will be drilled for both 11 & 12" clutch covers. The 12" clutch is a much heavier duty item designed for the smaller loadstar trucks. I put one in my 1210 travellette last year and it is a bruiser. Now I'll put it in neutral during long lights to keep from wearing my left leg out. They will cost you around $750 though.


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Thanks for the fast reply chappie. And that sounds just like what I want to hear! I don't know if this flywheel is drilled for a 12" clutch, can drill it easy enough though right? That is if it fits on there. Here is a pic of the flywheel I have, believe this came out of an 1980 Scout.

Dennis on the binder forum suggest I have a custom clutch built. I am ok with that too, easier to not have to do that though. I am also ok with a $500-1000 clutch, kind of expecting that in the grand scope of things anyways.



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That does not look like an sv flywheel. Diesel must be different. What is diameter of the worn area?