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Brokegunner's 1971 800B Comanche rescue!!

I finally have some time to sit down and create a post on my latest distraction; I found a real Comanche that was parked within 10 miles of my home for the past 20 years, and hasn't been registered since 1984.

I had seen this one years ago but didn't even realize what it was, and I owe a big thanks to a friend who mentioned it and jogged my memory. He and I were pulling a 1962 Scout 80 on the trailer and stopped by this guy's house to ask about the Scout. I stepped back and let him do most of the talking, but he decided 4 Scouts was the limit at his house (rookies haha) and gave me the go-ahead to make a deal. I even waited a little before I did anything, just because I did not want any hard feelings over a lost deal.

I will not bore you with the details but it took 3 more months of phone calls and visits to get the deal made. I struggled to pay as much as I ended up paying, but in the end it will be worth it to me. Suffice it to say this is NOT one of those "got it for a case of beer" kind of deals :/

I wrote to Jim Allen on BP and verified the VIN before I did anything, and I also ordered the LST just to be sure. Turns out it is a very desirable setup, as it is a 304 V8 with the 4-speed trans, so it is a Prototype 6B and has 3.73:1 gearing.

Here are some pics of it!! I am a proud father ;)


So here are some better photos of it now that I have it partially cleaned up. Unfortunately there is more rust than what my mind remembers... but I guess it was true love and the old "eye of the beholder" thing... I was in love as soon as I saw it!!

The first photo is with the old rotten tires... I took a cruise around the corner to my buddy's house and snapped a pic while we talked in his driveway. Those tires are so bad you can look through the cracks and see the air!!! haha

The second pic is at the DMV/CHP in San Andreas, Ca, Calaveras County. I took the wheels and tires off my orange Scout to drive the comanche up there and get the VIN checked.

The last pic is right after I got the CPT lift installed and the new 31LT Falken tires installed on the original Rally rims.


hi! how's it going? any new updates on this?
It would really be exciting to see how this project turned out.
Hey Guys, sorry for the long time with no update. I have been driving around here and there but not ready to do the big upgrade until now. I finally have an appointment to get my new tub blasted and get the bodywork done, so I will be posting up pics of the new build soon. I have a lot of work to do, so stay tuned!!

Greg R

Looks to be a very nice Scout. Congrats! Looks very intact. Myself I would run it as is and then improve a little here a little there. Much of the sheet metal in the rockers, front and rear fenders and endcaps were zinc treated for rust control at the factory. The thing I learned with my 800 is keeping the under carriage, and the fuel tank area clean. Wash, wash, wash; especially after time on muddy trails.
Hi Greg, I have stressed over this decision for quite a long time and I have decided I have to replace the tub due to the excessive rust in this body. This Scout was originally delivered to NY state and it must have been exposed to salt for the first few years of its life. I realize i could replace parts or panels here and there but there is a huge amount of cancer in very critical areas that it really doesn't make sense to patch it up.

I'd have to pull the body off anyhow, so when I get it separated and look closer I will be able to take one last look and assess the situation.

Greg R

Yep, I know salted rigs all to well. Except for the driver's door, the pictures don't show anything too bad. Maybe the paint is hiding it. Good luck. The rear sliding windows are rare.
Yes I’m in Chico and have about 10 IH trucks-Scouts, pickups and Travelalls. Some are for sale. Let me know next time you plan on coming through.