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Before and After of My Scout 80 CS

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Well, to start I want to say hi and, that you guys have a great place here!! Some of the most knowledgable techies to. :icon_smile: .

This Scout started as a gift to me in 2005 with 89000 original miles on it from the second owner (who also currently owns a 69 800/304/727 that I want 62000original miles plow rig in almost perfect condition.

Before I got it it had sat in a field at crowley lake for 15 years where it was regularly covered with 10 feet of snow.
I went through the entire drive train brakes and, engine during 2006 and drove it back up to mammoth that year. He( the po ) really got a bang out of it and was glad it went to some one who would make it nice and keep it. I rent a cabin on lake george in ml every year during June for a week.

So after enjoying it for late 06 and 07, I decided to make it look as good as I could for a return trip in 08 to ml. It was stripped to metal, the metal massaged back, primmed blocked primed again color sanded and painted in base -clear to the original champagne color. After refinishing all of the removable parts I put it back together and here it is.

It is a shame I didn't document the Scout whet I first got it. I guess it was enough to have been given it to think about the details.

Thanks for reading/looking ........ Robert

P65svsm (Medium).JPG



P1000656 (Large).jpg

P1000695 (Large).jpg

P1000792 (Large).jpg

P1000708 (Large).jpg

P1000710 (Large).jpg

P1000644 (Large).jpg
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IHPA General Manager
Wow!! Really nice Robert!! Really great job. It is always awesome to see one get treated right. Any chance of you making it to the rallye with it this year? We would love to see that thing in person.


IHPA General Manager
Lake francis resort. I will not clutter your thread with the details but here is a link. Please do try to make it, I will say the camping is filling up fast so make plans now if you can! IHSFR

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
lake francis resort. I will not clutter your thread with the details but here is a link. Please do try to make it, I will say the camping is filling up fast so make plans now if you can! IHSFR
Thats to bad because I would really like to go. That weekend I will be towing my race car to bakersfield (famoso raceway) for the 2008 California hot rod reunion.:( :smilewinkgrin: . Will be doing som racing and hopefully some winning.



IHPA General Manager
Bummer, the rallye is the last show of the season. Maybe next year or maybe we will see you at the western regionals.

Matt Main

Excellent job man! That is great work, pretty much the cleanest Scout I've seen. Definitely gives me some motivation! :gringrin:

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Ron, Matt,

thanks for the compliments. I have enjoyed the process and am currently enjoying driving it around. I will say it does get a lot more looks and thumbs-up then before. That is the best part to me.:) :smilewinkgrin: :icon_mrgreen:


Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
More Early Pictures My Scout 80 CS

I ran across a few earlier pictures of the Scout before I built the top or much else for that matter.


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Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
I found some pictures of the Scout rescue.these were on film so I scaned them to jpg. It was sitting in the weeds/bush about 100 feet back beyond the start of the weeds.
The house is just north of crowley lake on 395. What a great view.

I think I need to fix up the travel top and put it back on for the winter. It is badly caved in on the top but I May be able to dolly it back.
01260034 (Medium).jpg

01260035 (Medium).jpg

01260033 (Medium).jpg

01260036 (Medium).jpg
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Uncle's Scout

New member
You really did a great job on that cs! My son even likes the photo you printed up for me. If I May ask, where did you get the paint job and what did it cost. I have been talking to my wife about painting mine and I need to get some idea of prices these days.

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Thanks' for the kind words. The guy who painted it has a body shop in upland empire collision, 909-920-9111.

For starters he stripped it back to bare metal, dollied the metal back straight so only a skim coat of filler was needed in select areas. He welded all of the holes up on the tail gate. It was primed and blocked twice then a base and clear were sprayed. For the work they did I could have been charged twice as much at other shops.

He did such a nice job on my Scout that he now has my sisters fiat spider, for a restoration. It is dark blue so it has to be right or it will show. I did up the engine and now it is time to make it look as good as it runs.:winky:

he said he would do from the primer on if I wanted to do the body work. The guy who paints should always paint the car and the other way around. Cost about 1/2 for that.

Funny thing is he loved the Scout so much that he wants one now. I know he would enjoy doing another one.


Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
you asked about the rear axle notation on my LST that was lined out.

Ra23 was changed to ra9.

The other changed # number was 14023-9603 now 14009-9603

I read -ra9 w/p lock 4.88 se

so if the ra 9 is no power lock then how do I have a pl. The glove compartment door is labled for it.

I know the Scout to be original and have the power loc? I hope the thing does have the pl diff as I feel no pl function when I spin the wheels while jacked up. I purchased the kit to rebuilt my pl from Mike because of the lack of function.:icon_eek:

Uncle's Scout

New member
Actually I believe the ra-9 is a power lock so you should be good to go.

At some point I will have to drift by your place and see your cs up close. It really looks great in the photos.



I am confused -- your orig factory LST picture above shows a ra23 4.88 w/p-lok se.

Did they change their minds on the assembly line and put in a ra9 which would not have a power-lok -- according to the "decoder" on superscoutspecialists site? And, left the "limited slip" stickers because they were already there?

From many years ago, I dimly recall (and dimly is the keyword) an "old wive's tale" that if you jack up the rear of the vehicle and rotate one wheel by hand (in neutral) and the other side (wheel / tire) rotates in the same direction that "it is limited slip".

But, the only way to really tell is pull the diff cover.... Unless you give the bom number on the axle to mm....

Michael Dimock

IH Parts America Sales Assoc.
Another way to test if it is a limited slip is to find the nearest slippery spot, rev it up, dump the clutch, and if both tires are spinning, then you have posi and if 1 tire spins then your open!:winky: or just have mr. Mayben check it for you.:gringrin: really nice Scout by the way!

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
here is a bit from my book regarding ra-xx.:gringrin:

the way I understand it. 14004 and 14014 are Dana 27 and 1409 and 14023 are Dana 44's. I know it is a 44 so only question is did they swap in sides? Based on the info they did.

Come by any time. If you want the old Scout ac stuff I can give it to you then. I think I emailed my phone.

Robert, I to am cornfuuzzed.:icon_eek: when I changed the diff oil it looked like a pl carrier? Must have been out of ra 23's and dida swap on the line. I had the rear in the air at that time and it acted like it was open. That is why I bought the pl clutch kit from Mike. Figurin it was just wasted, I was going to rebuild it when I did the bearings and seals as pm.

Michael. What if I shear the axle hub key because it is 44 years old.:icon_eek: it acts totaly open with the ass in the air. :dita:
ths closest slipery stuff is in the mountains and no way I am going to drive my topless Scout to the snow.:)

that just reads real creepy.:winky: never mind.

Thanks guys for the help.


Michael Mayben

IHPA Tech Moderator - Retired & No Longer Online
As we've discussed many times line tickets can't be taken as gospel...only a guide to what "May" have been.

Many of you have line sets that have penciled-in scribblings. If the scribblings were done at the point of assembly, then the rig was taken "off-line" to a separate part of the assembly building (or a separate facility) and "finished"...most of the time that involved one-off kinda callouts, or very low production equipment installs. Many times it involved removing equipment and shipping a vehicle with some component not installed per dealer or fleet order.

Same thing at the delivering dealer point. If components were add/delete or upgraded at the dealer or fleet location, then the line set was "penciled", the changes noted, and then a copy was sent back to the originating assembly point so that the changes could be recorded and the line set was archived on microfilm (later microfiche).

I know of a fleet of travelettes/travelalls ordered up by a regional timber company up here that were delivered as "gliders"...no rear axles and some were completely axleless! That was because the end user added their own axle sets based upon their vocational needs.

Regarding the "tapered hub" Dana/spicer axle, it's the "taper" that transmits the force to the wheels(s). If the hub and the axle stub are in "matched" condition, then the key could be left out, if the nut is properly torqued, that seats the tapers and full strength is developed. Robertk knows this process well! If the taper is scruud up, then there will be no way to secure the hub to the axle stub no matter how tight ya go or if a tool steel key is used!

The axle stub and hub id (taper) for the d27 is somewhat smaller in dimension than the same items for a d44. And the d27 thread portion for the axle stub is 3/4", while the section for the d44 is 1".

To actually "observe" the action of a limited slip unit (either t-lok or p-lok), I remove both wheels on the same axle after the rig is up on stands. Then I rig a cheater through the wheel studs on the driver side to "stop" the hub/axle assembly from turning. Then use a torque wrench on the passenger side and rotate the hub nut forward and note the "breakaway" torque when the clutches slip in the ls diff. Continue to rotate the axle shaft observing the torque to continuously "slip" the clutches. The breakaway figure is not the important reading, the continuous torque reading is!

The torque readings to look for will vary depending upon if a p-lok or t-lok is under test, and also which axle (d27/d44/d60/etc.). It will also vary depending upon "how" the p-lok is assembled. I'd say a "nominal" number to look for is between 30ft./lbs. And 175ft./lbs.

Here's a shot of a tapered d44 with the hub restrained, I used a pipe threader for a cheater in this case. The p-lok in this rig is running about 155ft./lbs. The cheater in this position is set for torquing the axle nut...not for testing the ls diff!