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'79 SII keep popping Pertronix Ignitor I

Full disclaimer, I'm a total ignition novice. when I got my '79 with 345 years ago, the OE Prestolite electronic ignition failed and I replaced it with a Pertronix Ignitor I (1483A) and Flamethrower coil. I only put about 2500 miles a year, it is a 3rd vehicle for fun. The first P-tron lasted a couple of years. Lately, I've been popping ignition modules, 3 now this year. I'll come back from a quick run around town, try to restart and it just cranks. I've lost spark and it won't start. I replace the module and and I'm running again.

I know not to leave the ignition on without the motor running as that an cause failure. I have the positive terminal of the coil and hence the positive of the module connected to switched 12V via the ignition switch, I just confirmed switched Voltage. I have 1.5 Ohms across the coil. I have about 1 Ohm from the mounting plate of the module to the negative terminal of the battery.

My cap, rotor, wires and plugs have less than 7000 miles. Does anything look obviously wrong. Any insight is appreciated.
Try the PerTronix Ignitor II next time. P/N 91483A
thanks. so i think i figured it out, total bonehead move (ask my wife, not the first time). i think it was the coil wire not fully seated into the coil. i replaced the module and as part of the process reseated all the plug wires and the coil wire. i then tested the module i thought had failed and it was working...of course, then i left power on it too long and smoked it. call it a $100 lesson. i've since bought another Ignitor I as a backup.