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'74 scout ii


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Newbie that needs some direction on what may have caused the driveshaft to get twisted and break.

Details about the scout are attached.

I had noticed transfluid leaking for a month or so but the dipstick always read a good level.

Had it out today and was coming to a stop and the rpms were so high I had to use two feet to make it stop. At the light, I went to put it in neutral because it was revving high and as soon as I did, the driveshaft snapped. From inside it sounded like the flywheel was clanking. Pulled it over and noticed the twisted and snapped driveshaft.

I can fix a driveshaft but clearly something else is happening. Where should I start with diag?





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Edited - I had high rpm issues due to the gas pedal getting stuck so I'm guessing applying the brakes while it was engaged may have cause the issue. I was more concerned with stopping before hitting the car in front of me than lifting up on the pedal. It's a new carb and rebuild trans and I wonder if the linkage and cable are the issue.
Someone screwed up on the rear spring install and added shims that are making the pinion point up way too high for your set up. You need equal and opposite angles at the pinion and the transfer case yoke. Otherwise the way you have it now, it needs a double cardan driveshaft.