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73 Scout ii Oil Pressure Pegged at HIGH

73 Cornbinder

New member
73 Scout II with a 304 v8 automatic 4x4

I pulled the oil pan, changed the oil and filter, replaced the gasket and put everything back perfectly. Used 10w-40 with the proper amount per the manual. Everything prior to this was running well, just dripping oil from the pan.

Now my oil pressure is pegged at high. Dipstick shows proper levels of oil. Tried changing the filter to another new one (just in case) and it didn't work. The gauge is grounded properly. The sender was recently changed as well.

I read a few comments on other forums and it stated to drive it about 5 miles to get it warmed up so the oil will circulate and the pressure "should" go back to regular. It didn't. It didn't seem to be running hot after I got it back and checked on it but the dipstick was hotter than normal when checking the levels (which were still good)



First thought is, don't panic just yet. I wouldn't trust the stock gauges, especially in a new to you vehicle that you are still working bugs out of. The stockers don't tell you much even when they are working properly. How are the temp and fuel gauges behaving?
Next thought is, get an aftermarket "wet" op gauge hooked up. Something with some numbers on the face. Be really careful with the vinyl tubing for the sender. It is very delicate and easily kinked and melted. Copper tubing is much preferred for a permanent installation. Post back when you have some op number readings.

73 Cornbinder

New member
Temp and fule gauges are reading perfectly. Going to try to redo the pcv valve, trying a new sender. Will try those and if I strike out, ill move on to an op gauge...most likely going to do the op gauge regardless.
Thanks for the recommendations.:icon_up:


Active member
You could start by seeing what the gauge reads with the key in the accessory position. I had a bad sender once that would read 1/4 on the scale with the engine off.


Another thing to know about these engines is that they are not known for having high oil pressure. 60 psi on a cold engine is about the max and certainly not the norm. The IH lubrication system is more about volume and flow than pressure. A much more common issue is to see too little pressure. That condition is real cause for concern. So to see a stock op gauge pegging out the high side...yeah, I'm pretty dubious that it is a real representation of what's actually going on with your oil. Anything is possible, but that would be so rare that it almost isn't even worth considering.

Greg R

The gauge is grounded properly. The sender was recently changed as well.
Could you explain grounding the gauge? Would you know the ohm range of the "new" sender. It looks like some minor electrical deal is going on.