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72 Scout Manual Tranmission power lose at takeoff

Hi guys,
My transmission has started losing it pull on taking off from a stop in 2nd gear, 3rd and 4th gears the engine revs high but doeant seem to have much pull. However once I'm up to speed it works fine.
I have no grinding or sounds from the Tranny and it shifts fine. I do get some smell the longer I drive it though.
I recently changed the trannu fluid with a GL1 90w but it didnt seem to have any effect.
I would appreciate some advice as to what could be the problem, clutch, tranny itself etc.



Sounds like your clutch is slipping.
Do you have a tachometer? If so, does it show the engine revving without an approbate increase in vehicle speed?
Can you make a video (& audio) of this happening and post it up?


You should pull the inspection plate off of the bottom of the bell housing, which allows you to see the throw out bearing. With the clutch pedal out, it should not be in contact with the clutch fingers. You should be able to move the throw out bearing in and out a little with only the clutch pedal return spring giving any resistance (engine not running). If you are lucky all you need to do is adjust the length of clutch adjusting rod that goes through the floorboard. Did you recently do a body lift of any kind? Another indicator would be if you have no free travel of the clutch pedal before you feel any resistance from the clutch.