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72 Scout II water Temp Running at 220

Good Day,

My scout has a 304 and recently started running with the water temp around 220 instead of the 180 it normal ran. I replaced the radiator about 6 months ago with a dual core aluminum and recently replaced the Thermo with a 180deg after it started running warmer. The water pump appears to be working fine and I have no leaks so I'm kind of at a lose on what to look at next.

I would appreciate and advice you could provided.



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What brand thermostat did you buy? Robertshaw? Have you tested the valve in some boiling water to see if it opens all the way?


What brand thermostat did you buy? Robertshaw? Have you tested the valve in some boiling water to see if it opens all the way?

Hi Zeadster,

Thanks for the reply. Yes it's a Robert shaw and I did put it in boiling water to verify it fully opens.

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You might have some corrosion in the engine. If you replaced the radiator and thermostat and verified that it is opening, the only things left are the water pump or partially blocked water passage, one other thing might be your temperature gauge.
I suggest adding a bottle of RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment to clean out the system. It is available on the IHPA parts section under Lubricants.


I take it you have an aftermarket temperature gauge installed to be seeing these numbers? Is there any chance it could be an instrument issue? Are there other indications that the engine is running hot besides what the gauge is indicating?


You may want to check to be sure you have proper fan clearance and shrouding for your new radiator. When I switched over to aluminum I had to abandon the mechanical fan due to a lack of clearance and even then had to switch out to better electric fans to get the same level of cooling I had in the past. The cheap Chinese fans provided by the radiator mfg. just didn't cut it.

If you are mostly driving on the freeway it may not be as important vs. if you are driving more in the city or off road.