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72 scout ii lock plate remover?


New member
I am trying to replace my ignition lock. I got the steering wheel off but can not find a lock plate remover that fits. Does any one know of where I can find one?
I use the universal one that is available at most auto parts stores. Works ok. Iirc only one of the adapters fits "close", not exact, but enough that I'm able to press the plate down and get the ring off.

I May have built a custom thread-on piece last time I did one, can't remember but seems to stick in my brain. I'll have to pull the puller out and see.


New member
Yeah the ones from the auto store were to big. I will try to make my own thread-on piece just have to find a way to make it work. Thank you very much.


I used a piece of bar stock with 3 holes drilled in it. The middle hole is for the steering column and the bar is secured with the wheel nut on the center hole. The side holes are for bolts with the bolt heads pushing up against the plate. You can either thread the bar stock for those bolts or just use nuts on the bolts to create separation.


New member
Well thank you every one. I got every thing apart now I can not get the ignition lock out. Someone tried to steal my Scout a few years back and just trashed the lock. If any one knows how to get it out that would be amazing!!!


New member
Mjolnir, I am trying to rebuild my 1980 steering column since it would seem the po used a hammer to install an aftermarket steering wheel. I feel like I'm missing some parts, but I see in your picture you don't have a lock plate like the one shown here as part number 7837171. Can you confirm I don't need this part? Also, any pictures of how the parts in your column go together would be very useful. Thanks!



no such part on my 1980 tilt wheel steering column. I can't locate my manual at the moment. I think there was a exploded view for both the tilt and non tilt assemblies. I'll give another look around tomorrow.:yesnod:


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Staff member
The tilt columns in IH vehicles did not have a steering wheel lock and therefore did not have a lock plate.


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Thanks for the diagram, the service manual is in the mail! Does anybody know where I can get part #10 on the diagram, "spacer, steering column"?


Active member
the tilt columns in IH vehicles did not have a steering wheel lock and therefore did not have a lock plate.
Even though this is an old post, but thanks for that info. That was exactly what I was wondering.

I just got done making something very similar to what mjolnir made in his photo. But I used a piece of 2 1/2" sqaure tubing and cut it in half to make the u. Then drilled a 1/2" hole in the center to clear the threads of the column

made removing the lock ring very easy


New member
Hey guys. Just wanted to share my approach in case it helps someone who's not as handy with welding in such.. or just in a hurry.

Basically, I tried 3 separate universal lock plate pullers in my local store.. none had this size, so I came to this thread and figured I was done for the day because I didn't have the tools to make my own puller. Anyway, I kept thinking for a few, went down to my local hardware store and picked up a hefty washer.. not saying I recommend this, and it's definitely tool abuse, but here's what I came up with, and it got me out of a pinch. I just snugged two sockets under the big washer and used those to push the plate back.

This photo was from before I realized I needed a larger washer to get clearance for the snap ring.. but you get the idea. I just used the nut that held the steering wheel on to apply the pressure.