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68 800 instrument wiring


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Hello all,
I have a 1968 800 vin 781927g250976 4x4 twin stick three speed. It has a IH 345. That is the most I know. The wiring is a nightmare. When I bought it, it only had three aftermarket gauges clumsily mounted in the instrument hole. Temp, pressure and volts. I have an instrument panel with original gauges that I would love to install and get working. I think I'm chasing a dream.
Most of the wires id numbers are not legible, so the diagram doesn't help much. I don't know if the original gauges will work with the 345 set up???? There has been some hack job on some things ( like hot wire straight from bat to heater switch and one wire to heater motor. Dumb! Why not just do it right?
Unfortunately or not, this has become my dd. I have headlights and brake lights, but no turn, hazard or working gauges. I cant even get and instrument lights to come on. Not sure I'm using right bulb!!
I hope there is and easier way than chasing unknown wires to unknown ends and a cheaper route than a full re-wire ( and my dd) for a person that knows this stuff it May be a two second fix. Not me. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!


Welcome to the forum. I'm gonna get right to it and dispense with any blowing of smoke up your butt. Save yourself the time and aggravation and go ahead and do a full rewire. There's no sense in fiddle-farting around with po hacked spaghetti and meatballs under the dash. Its an electrical fire waiting to happen. It would be a difficult enough prospect even for someone well versed with these rigs and a fairly accomplished auto electrician. I'm gathering your not in either of the former categories. Not casting stones, just being real. For less than three bills and a full weekend of your time, that old haywire could be a distant memory.


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I agree, but haven't reached that stage of the grieving process. I'm still in denial. Anger soon to follow. Then acceptance.

I've read several threads on people doing a full rewire. I'm scared to death! After market or original? Will it all work with the 345? Will I need after market gauges? Does the kits come with all wires and connectors for the Scout? Fuse panel?

I know enough to know I don't even know all the questions to ask!

My Scout also has an aluminum radiator with twin electric fans.

My 800 really runs great!!! The 345 is new! ( 1200 miles)

I cant seem to find the complete rewire thread that spells it out step by step for an 800 with a 345 that says do this, not that. Use these gauges, not those. Here is the absolute total cost and time to complete ( if your just smart enough to live on your own)

still scared.


Check this out:

wiring kits - IH Parts America : International Scout parts

These are quality, universal wiring kits. They are primarily intended for the hot rod/muscle car/resto-mod crowd, but they will work just fine in a 45 year old, primitive suv. I don't know that there is a custom, vehicle specific kit available for the scouts. If there is, you can bet it costs considerably more than these universal offerings. Unless you are planning on having a great many accessories in your Scout, the 8 circuit option would work quite well for your basic needs. They all have an outstanding fuse block with modern blade style fuses unlike the circuit protection system you currently have, which consists of prayer and a fire extinguisher if you happen to be that well prepared. These kits will work equally well with stock or aftermarket gauges. The electrical system doesn't give a crap what engine you have. There really isn't that much difference between a 345 and the 304 that it likely replaced. As for a step-by-step, how-to, primer thread on this forum...you won't find it. Every situation is different. People's setups and accessory equipment are different. The kits do come with instructions which are adequate, but not outstanding in my opinion. It would be helpful to have a wiring diagram from an 800 with v8 and manual trans at your disposal along with the kit instructions so that you can ping pong back and forth as needed. The fact that this rig is your daily driver complicates matters. I don't know if there is an option for you to secure a short term loaner while you do the job or take some vacation time to help alleviate a little pressure. You want to be able to dedicate a full weekend to this job. It can be done in less time when you've been there done that, but for your first go-round, you really don't want to short change yourself on project time. You also want to have a nice assortment of solderless (crimp) terminals in ring, m/f bullet, and m/f blade versions in 18-22, 14-16, and 10-12 gauge sizes. Get some heat shrink tubing in various diameters to help seal up your terminal connections from corrosion and grit contamination. Lay the kit out beside the vehicle in proper orientation so you get a good visual feel for the routing of the various sub-harnesses. You can attempt to salvage your stock gang connector plugs, but most likely they are all in shitty or worse condition. Replacements for most of those can usually be sourced at your local parts store. The main thing is to take your time. Don't get in a rush or a panic. Follow the kit instructions without jumping around from one end of the rig to the next. There is logic to how the instructions are laid out. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. It already rolls just fine.

Greg R

My rig was is similar shape when I got it. The po was an electrician, but there's craftsman and not-so-craftsmanship; plus automotive is a trade to itself.

These 800's ain't that much complicated, not compared to today's vehicles. It takes time. The 1st thing I did was to get a manual, and I got a good set of schematics with mine. I had a fundamental understanding of vehicle electrical, but it was my 1st Scout and my 1st foray into numbered circuit markings.

You May not be that bad off, just venting at this point. Study the schematic, and actually see what you have and how much is redeemable. Figure what goes where and why, there's a logic to this. It took me a week or so of afterwork hours to get mine right, but for me it paid off well. If your remaining good wire that is not all hard and brittle or severely hacked, it's a judgement call here, is easily accessable it May just need some new terminations. Still a rewire needs a thorough understanding of how your system is set up to make it go smoothly together.


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As stated previously, gut out all that old wiring and re-wire the sumbiotch. Total fire hazard waiting to happen. Especially when ya least expect it. I know of at least one person that had a small fire in his 69 Scout, due to po virus and him being an electrician by trade combining residential wiring into the automotive wiring. Save yourself the headache now and bit the bullit and get a new wire harness

I recently did a complete re-wire on a 69 for another member(ronbgone). Installed the 14 circuit kwikwire kit that was purchased from IHPA. Along with mew 2g battery cables. Only issue I had was trying to adapt the oem gauges to the new harness. All the cvr units I had on hand and access to, were non working or something. He ended up getting new aftermarket gauges and hasn't had a problem sense. There is no exact step by step instructions to wire up your Scout. Each rig and owner are different.


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Thanks guys for your help! I will eventually rewire. Just had to put a set of tires on, so I'm definitely tapped out. I will have to run without gauges for now. Fire extinguisher standing by:icon_gonk: