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304 Idling issues


New member
A brief bit of backstory before I get to the issue. I work at a quarry where a 1969 IH D1500 was still in use as a crane truck until last year. My brother fired it up, drove it around for a little, and then left it idling while he did something else. After a little bit it idled down to nothing and wouldn't start again. It was dragged out of the way and has sat till now. I need it to move scrap so I'll be resurrecting it soon. It might be low on gas but if it isn't, do y'all have any thoughts? I has a 304 and a manual tranny, though I don't know what type it is.


Several possibilities come to mind. With so little to go on, I'll just spitball some wild ass guesses at you and maybe something will stick.
A. Like you mentioned, it ran out of gas. That's easy to check.
B. The engine wasn't properly choked and being cold blooded, it just died before it could warm up enough to idle unassisted.
C. The choke got left on full even as the engine had warmed enough to run without the choke and it died.
D. The alternator said later 'gator, so the engine was running off the battery until the charge became so depleted that spark energy could no longer be maintained and the engine died.
E. The fuel in the tank was older and nastier than Nancy Pelosi's under britches and some foreign matter got sucked into the carb which plugged the sumbitch up tighter than Chuck Shumer's manjyna.
F. The key got left switched to ON/RUN for half a friggin hour after the engine died, frying both the points and the coil. No sparky, no starty.
G. The engine was low on motor oil and seized up tighter than Shmucky's manjyna.