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1982 International S-1800 4x4 Fire Truck


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I am currently restoring a fun little toy, I am a big Jeep guy. Infact before this truck, the only IH product I owned was a Scout II axle I put under a Jeep. Now I can safely say that I am swimming in medium duty IH parts! Haha. As the truck sits right now, it needs a motor... 9.0l ahhh. I have dt360 sitting on a trailer but it won't fit. So I sourced another 9.0, fingers crossed that this will get her rolling. I was stoked to see a IH club in the bay!!! I hope to meet up with you guys.
9.0 liter
allison mt643
harrington axles
fabco t-case
and a bunch of cool odds & ends

here's before I bought it. Hadn't been in service since 2007.


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This is the most current state as of now, just pulling my resources together for the motor swap! When you have to rent a flipping fork lift to pull the motor, the reality of the project sets in and your doing a bit more then dropping a v8 in a cj5. Haha



Nice looking truck!

I hate to see you waste your time and $$$ working on a 9.0l. They weren't much of an engine back in the day. I can't imagine you can find any now that isn't a smoker, leaker, and/or rod knocker.

As far as swaps are concerned, why not put in a 7.3l? The 7.3l was a very common engine in that chassis and has about the same amount of hp and torque as the 9.0l.

With all of the banks products out there you can hot rod a 7.3l that would turn your truck into a rocket.

The allison you have should be a direct bolt to the 7.3l. Since the torque curve and redline are very similar you shouldn't even have to do any revalving to make the transmission work.

Also, as far as fitting, the dt360 and dt466 were optional engines in that chassis. In order for them to fit there was a fiberglass dog house inside the cab that covered the back two cylinders of the block. You can see on the floor and firewall where it fit on v-8 powered chassis. Instead of a dog house you can see a sheet metal plate on the floor where the stick shift would have come out of the floor. On the firewall there is another sheet metal plate that covers where the back end of the engine would come through the firewall.

Good luck.


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Thanks marko! You bring up a really good point, and something I haven't considered. The 7.3 would be easy to get ahold of and it would be easy to replace... Ummm. The other 9.0 I found came out of another truck just like this one. It supposedly has 6x,xxx on the clock.

I measured the dt360, and while I could make it fit... I would have to move, just about eveything! I guess I am in a rock an a hard place. Everyone tells me to dump the 9.0l and drop the dt in it. I live about an 45 mins away from the truck, and that makes my choice even harder.

pros- bolt in swap, spare parts motor, cost would be kept to a low, it would be a runner in a few months.
Cons- motor could have 26x,xxx miles, waste $1000, parts arn't hard to get... I checked, but there $$$$$,

pros- great motor, parts everywhere, tons of mods, easier to work on
cons-have to shorten stub drive shaft going between tranny & t-case, move back tranny, move forward motor, relocate a bunch of stuff on the motor, dog house would be in the way of winch controls, 3 throttle cables relocated, exhaust, and I am sure some other stuff. Ahhh. Project wouldn't run in this year


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I found this after a quick search on google.... 7.3 might not be bad

here's all the part numbers you'll need to bolt the mt643/653 up to a t444e, per allison drawing as04-317, which I can email to you if necessary.

If it's a mt644/647 or 654, that's another ballgame.

From navistar:
1821697c1 flywheel housing
1800777c1 ring gear
1818211c1 flywheel
25500r1 bolts, trans to engine, 12 needed
25709r1 hardened washer, 12 needed
1823406c1 flywheel bolts, 10 needed

from allison 23014107 convertor nuts, 6 needed
29519143 crankshaft hub
23018900 flywheel housing adaptor
23045171 flexplate adaptor
29519142 flexplate
29514856 crankshaft wear plate
23046154 convertor washers, 6 needed
23049056 flexplate bolts, 6 needed


Another thing to consider is what version dt360 do you have?

If it is an electronic version you will need the full wiring harnes to make the pump work.

I would think that if you were to use a 7.3l it would be a relatively easy swap and would have the advantage of not requiring a lot of other modifications to make it work. I would also think you would be able to sell the dt360 for more than what it would cost to purchase a good runnning 7.3l.

Again, make sure the 7.3l is a mechanical and not an electronic one. The electronic one will require the full wiring harness to make things work as well.

Since the 7.3l was an optional engine in the s-series chassis you should be able to go to your local navistar dealer and get all of the engine mounts and any other parts and pieces you might need.

In regards to your pros and cons, the biggest con about swapping in another 9.0l is that it would be another 9.0l. Some of the parts for those are made of unobtainium and the price reflects that fact.

Good luck.


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Good luck on the truck. Here's the one I get to use:

You've got a type 3 there, is there an auxiliary pump or is it pto driven?


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Nice engine! Looks like a nice tight package!!!

It has a waterous midship pto pump
it also has a diesel lomberdini aux pump


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Nice, with the aux pump you can do mobile attack. I know of a '55 IH fire engine that is looking for a good home. It's free!


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Tossed an 86 cargostar with a 9.0/at545 couple years ago...like a 19k chassis that had a runway sweeper body. Those old big-inch v-8 diesels...8.2 detroit, perkins, 3208 cat...heard them all scream bloody murder trying to spin a few hale pumps while a fire mechanic for the navy. Dt360 auto in a 93' 4800 4x4 digger derrick...now that was one slow rig. Turbo did nothing for it! Many dt466's in various 47-4900's...excellent. Nice rig, 4 sure. Love the s-series in a class-8 with a 8v-92 detroit...sounds like the world is coming to an end as it pulls-up behind u!


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Cool...let us know!

I can't remember too much bad about that motor, cept maybe a few leaky rocker boxes. Saw one that had been blow'd up...bottom-end launched when a farmer had turbo'd a 1486 and it like overboosted at 4 psi :lol: I like the way those old non-turbo v's sound...gulp, gulp, gulp, popcorn-pop, gulp......

IH had that engine setup as a variable displacement plant for tractors like the 1486. It would run on 4 light load then go to all 8 under power. On 4, it really sounded wierd.


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We just purchased one of these for our ranch. I have yet to pick it up. Can anyone tell me an estimate of dry weight for this truck?