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1968 1100C point gap, point dwell and ignition timing

Victor Minasian

New member
I recently bought my grandpa's 1968 international and was able to get it to turn but the points aren't working, at least from my understanding. (I'm only 15) I called a family friend to help me and my dad with the points, he said that we needed to find the point gap, point dwell as well as the ignition timing. The truck has a 304 engine base.


Welcome to IH.
Which Model is the International? Scout? Travelall? Pickup? Travelette? Any model numbers on the truck?
Can you take some photos of the distributor? IH used several Mfr's of distributors over the years and any one of them could be installed in your 304 engine.
You really need to know which distributor you have to order/purchase the correct tune-up parts.
Ballpark figures:
Point gap .019 for new points / .016 for used points.
Dwell around 28°-32°.
Initial timing 10° BTDC.
Idle RPM: 600-650 rpm in neutral.
Set timing off of #8 cylinder (NOT #1).
Firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Distributor rotates clockwise.
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