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Default Unique 20 ton laboratory press for sale or trade

I am also accepting reasonable "best offers" in addition to offering this press for sale or trade.

Offered is a very nice and very rare 40,000 pound table-top hydraulic shop or laboratory press made by the Loomis engineering & manufacturing company. Model number is 341-20-20a. The upper platen is movable with an interesting bevel gear and hand crank mechanism that drives two other gears allowing the operator to move the upper platen up and down easily and quickly. Once in the correct position for the job, the lower platen is driven upward by means of the hydraulic jack. I have tested the unit up to the 40,000 pound level on the dial and everything works well. The upper platen also moves easily up or down with the hand wheel.

This would be an excellent bench-top press for a lab or shop in which different setups are required. I intended to make it into an awesome, high capacity, high volume, high pressure juice press. If you buy it for that purpose, I will explain why and how I intended to do that and where I was going to have the machining of the stainless steel juicing parts done. Unfortunately I injured myself at work and I cannot even lift the platen now without help. However, if it doesn't sell, I’ll just keep it and eventually make it into a juice press. These are just too rare and I’m sure I will never come across another one.

The last pictures of the assembled unit is how it looks assembled. I lifted the top platen off, and lifted the bottom platen off the hydraulic jack in preparation for having the base, both platens, hand wheel and gears on top powder coated. My injury has prevented me from doing anything more with the press at this time. It is presently disassembled, as pictured, into the following three parts: base with hydraulic jack and 3 threaded rods attached; platen that sits on top of the jack; and upper platen with attached chain and gears and hand wheel. Reassembly should be very easy. To assemble, just set the lower platen on the jack, and set the upper platen on the three rods while turning the hand wheel to engage the threaded rods. The rods are a coarse thread so it engages easily and/or lifts off easily but might require two people to initially install / lift the top platen into position. No parts are missing from this press.

The triangular shaped steel platens are approximately 14 inches across by 2 inches thick, and the maximum daylight (space between the two platens) is approximately 22 inches. The travel of the hydraulic ram is approximately 6 inches. The paint is mostly intact with a few small areas where the light green paint has chipped or peeled off. Some very light surface rust is mostly only on the lower unthreaded rod portions of the press. I’m the third owner and as far as I know this press has never been outside or in a smoking environment.

** payment: **
I am either selling this press outright or will consider trading it for some help installing my IH 5 speed trans in my loadstar. I'm asking $650 or best offer; or $100 plus labor help for installing my transmission. The $100 is to help cover the price of any small parts needed for the installation. And if no small parts are needed, the $100 is also very negotiable.

** shipping: **
the unit is offered as is where is and the new owner will be responsible for shipment from van nuys, California to your destination if you cannot pick it up. I highly recommend uship (uship.com) for an item like this, but I will work with you with whoever you choose for shipping. The press can sit here for a couple weeks while you get shipping bids, but beyond that we will have to discuss the situation as I will be moving soon.

** additional info: **
re size, weight and shipping estimates: the unit will need to be picked up for shipment as is and is currently sitting disassembled into the 3 pieces I explained above and as shown in the first five pictures. I have not put the items in boxes or on a pallet that’s why I recommend a service like uship.com . From past experiences with them I have found they prefer not to have small items like this on a pallet but prefer to squeeze them in between their other items. However, for shipping protection, I will box the hydraulic jack with attached gauge. It’s doubtful the shippers can hurt the other slabs of steel that are two inches thick. The unit will require truck floor shipping space of about 24 inches square and the press assembly is 42 inches tall. It will need to be picked up from my home at zip code 91405 and everything in total weighs an estimated 200 pounds.

In addition to u-ship, in the past I have heard people recommend the freight center (freightcenter.com) to get several low quotes at one time, and possibly uber might work for shipping within the same county. Again, my first choice would be uship.com, but that is just my personal opinion.

I will include a magazine ad for the motorized version of this press.

You won’t be disappointed with this press.

I've attempted to describe this press as accurately as I can. Due to my injury and the fact I'm moving, I can’t work with this press at this time. So I would like you to have and enjoy it. This came from a non-smoking environment.

Thank you.
[img]http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/attachments/misc-sale/27085d1428521514-unique-20-ton-laboratory-press-sale-trade-loomis7.jpg[/img ]

[img]http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/attachments/misc-sale/27087d1428521514-unique-20-ton-laboratory-press-sale-trade-loomis6.jpg[/img ]

[img]http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/attachments/misc-sale/27089d1428521582-unique-20-ton-laboratory-press-sale-trade-loomis9.jpg[/img ]

[img]http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/attachments/misc-sale/27091d1428521620-unique-20-ton-laboratory-press-sale-trade-loomis2.jpg[/img ]

[img]http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/attachments/misc-sale/27093d1428521620-unique-20-ton-laboratory-press-sale-trade-loomis4.jpg[/img ]
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