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Default How to Register?

I just had my new binder project truck towed home a couple weeks ago. Friday I went to register it with full paperwork from Montana, and officially put it in my name. I also wanted to make it non-op. I was told by the local California DMV that I could not do either until I drove it to them for inspection and took it to a weigh station.
The vehicle is a long-term project and may not be drive-able for a couple years. And yet I know from past experiences if I wait until it's road-worthy they will hit me up for back registration and late fees from the time it was first brought into this state.

How do people in Calif put a newly purchased, large, non-driveable, antique vehicle in their name and make it non-op at the same time?

The nearest company with a tow truck big enough to haul this thing is about two hours away. And they charge $250 an hour for their semi-truck tow truck, including travel time to and from their shop. So towing it a few blocks to the DMV after towing it to a weigh station is really not an option. Apparently, according to the local DMV, it makes no difference if I'm attempting to register it as a commercial vehicle or as an antique truck.

All I want to do is officially transfer the ownership into my name and put it up as non-op until I get it road-worthy.


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Default Re: How to Register?

Try having an inspector come to you where you have the truck parked.

A few years ago, a firemen friend purchased a '69 scout 800 from La Vegas, and hauled it up here to California. His scout needed some work in it before he could drive it. And I was helping him on it in my little shop space at the time. He had an inspector come to my space to go over his scout and fill out the paperwork. I didn't hear anything about having to take the scout weight station. Your truck may be different, due to its classification.
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