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Default Advice on axle/disc brake upgrades

I'm getting the bugs worked out on my 800B and starting to drive it more (finally!!) and I am quickly realizing the brakes and steering are not up to par. I have a 30 in the front and a flanged axle 44 tracklok in the rear. Earlier this year I did the 2 inch CPT lift and the shackle reversal too, which then ended up with a new front driveshaft. It rides nice but I would love to do an SOA on it at some point.

So I looked on the IHParts site and found the front disc conversion is around $900+ and I am thinking maybe I would be better off to either buy a D44 from a Scout II ($950 complete at wrecking yard in the correct ratio too) or should I buy a used one private party for $300 and have it rebuilt and changed to 3.73?

Bottom line is it seems like a waste to spend $1k on disc brakes when I can go to a 44 front with disc brakes for around the same price. Does that sound like a reasonable assumption or am I missing something else that will be an expense on going to the 44?

EDIT: Ok I called River City Differential in SAC and spoke with Sean there. He suggested getting a wagoneer FA as it would have the caster built in and also with my shackle reversal it seems like it would be easy to take out the spacers I needed and use 2.5" springs in front? I have no idea if there are some years that are better than others... sure could use any knowledge that is willing to be shared! TIA.
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Default Re: Advice on axle/disc brake upgrades

Wrecking yard is really proud of that D44 FA.
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