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Default Re: New Members please check in here

Originally Posted by Ffphil View Post
Hello all,

Thought I would introduce myself. I'm Phil from Buckley Washington. Just bought a 1927 IH 1 Ton 6 Speed Special. Can't wait to learn all about this old truck. I have no idea how to even start a hand crank motor. I will do my due diligence to search for information on here for manuals and parts. Any and all help along the way would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Phil
Originally Posted by Mills3030 View Post
Hey folks, just purchased a '73 1210 4x4 Camper Special a few months ago. It's my first IH and it needed a little work to get it road ready, though the 392 still runs strong! It's been fun sourcing parts and working on it this summer--that's how I ended up here! I'm looking forward to putting many many miles on this truck.
Welcome new members. very good looking trucks you have there. Both of you are not too far from Grass Valley. Would love to see these trucks at next months IH Sierra Fall Rallye. More info here about the event - http://ihsfr.org/

Or check out the events Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/IHSFR

Jeff Ismail
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Cool Re: New Members please check in here

The Gearhead is checking in
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Default Re: New Members please check in here

Present and accounted for!
Just brought home a '79 Scout II, it runs but need to replace the water pump and thermostat before I can drive it a little more to figure out what needs to be replaced next. I've been reviewing a lot of threads for info, thanks for all your input. Standby for questions...
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Default Re: New Members please check in here

I'm a new member, bought my first Binder a few weeks ago. A 1967 1/2 ton somethin' er other. 1000, 1100, 1200, heck I don't know and neither did the seller.
It's my first relic in 14 years so I'm having a blast getting back into it.
I was combing Craigslist while working in Santa Fe and the scallops and stance got me. It's got a V-8, not sure what size yet but it runs smooth with no smoke, granny four speed, and I'm not sure what ratio I have in the rear end. The discovery is part of the fun for me.
I've enjoyed combing through forum here. Thanks!
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