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Default Dont know where to post this. Please help me identify this engine

Greetings, my name is Gregg, I am from Upper Salford Volunteer Fire Company. We have a 1960 International R190, that we bought way back in the day, sold to a community member when we retired it. And is now gifting it back to the company for prosperity. None of those old timers that knew this truck are around anymore, or just dont remember specifics about the truck.

We will give you all the information we have on it, as we are trying to get the old girl running, but we cant find anywhere that lists engine size. We looked under split hood. Behind seat for some kind of plaque as well as behind glove box. I hope yall can help us out.

Like I said, it's a 1960 International R190. According to the plate in the door it states the following info:
Model: R 1960
Serial Number: FR64279
WB: 175
Certified Net Horsepower: 184 at 2600rpm's
Certified Gross Horsepower: 212 at 3000rpm's
Max GVW LBS: 25000

We know it's an online 6 gas engine with a manual trans. That's it.
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Default Re: Dont know where to post this. Please help me identify this engine

I would suggest ordering up a build sheet for the truck known in the IH world as a LST or Line Set Ticket. Takes a couple weeks to get, and there is a chance your LST may not be available, but is worth getting as it will tell you all the components your truck left the factory with.

Order Link - LST Line Set Ticket

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Default Re: Dont know where to post this. Please help me identify this engine

I think this may be it (the specs seem to match anyway):

Engine: International Royal Red Diamond 501, six-cylinder, valvein-head type, 4'/2-in. bore, 5'4-in. stroke. Displacement, 501 cu. in., compression ratio, 6.5; A.M.A. rating, 48.6 hp.; maximum brake hp., 212 at 3000 r.p.m., net 184 at 2600 r.p.m. Maximum torque, 444 lb.-ft. at 1600 r.p.m., net 423 lb.-ft. at 1200 r.p.m. Seven steel-backed, replaceable-shell, precision-type main bearings; total projected area, 34.71 sq. in. Six replaceable-shell, precision-type connecting-rod bearings. Exhaust-valve seat inserts. Slo-roto sodium-cooled exhaust valves.

Found it on the Wisconsin History website page 42 of this document.


The line-sheet is still the way to go if you are wanting to restore the truck.
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