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Michael Mayben
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Default Deadawg Heart/Lung Machine

Since anyone hangin' around here with halfa brain just luvs to keep generatin' carbon debits by recyclin' old IH junkiron...

Here's one of tha tools I use for dead IH animal recovery so's they don't end up inna renderin' plant and git turned inta some kinda "bio-whatever" crap fuel that just scruus uppa carburetor even worse!

Works onna oldskool jerry can, the kind that tha people's republik of kalifornikate don't want us to be allowed to own/possess.

Just take any kinda electric fuel pump (12vdc of course), rigged with a fuse/circuit breaker and an on/off switch and mount onna juryrig bracket that gits clamped on tha handle. Add a twin lead wire harness (14 gauge is just fine) and some alligators for clampin' onna battree (ya might even try and observe polarity?)

since tha cap thread onna jerry is tha same form as any common steel barrel bung (with "o" ring seal), I jes' temporary remove the "o" ring, drill a hole in the center, and braze inna 5/16 hose barb/nipple of some kind.

Clamp onna 18" chunka 5/16" fuel hose and scruu tha bung into tha jerry. Then rig a 5/16" hose pigtail from tha bung outlet to the fuel pump inlet (pay attention here!), along witha throwaway fuel filter.

Then riga nuther chunk of 5/16" fuel hose from tha pump outlet to the carb fuel bowl inlet.

Ya gotta securely plug the oem fuel delivery line from the oem engine-mount fuel pump, just in case it actually still works and tries ta pump all that water/slime/algae/varnish/gravel/rust/etc. That is a naturally-occurin' element in any IH fuel tank out on tha motor.

All this lightduty IH crap used 5/16" fuel supply plumbin' oem, but ya May have ta go with sumthin' else. Onnea my rigs has been swapped over ta 3/8" fuel supply so plan accordingly.

Then carryaround anutha chunka fuel hose (10ft. Izza good number) and some wormclamps for makin' tha hookup. The vibrator pump in tha pic will blow fuel from 20+ft., it's got power! I luv them thangs since they are so dam noisy ya will never go off and leave 'em runnin'

and...all IH fuel systems (gasoline motors) are rated for a 4psi>7psi inlet pressure (that's what the oem mechanical fuel pump will push), so ya gotta make sure, tha pump ya use is rated for that spec...otherwise ya can add on a fuel pressure regulator anda gauge so that it can be adjusted.

Just take tha jerry and ratchetstrap it to tha front bumper, or tie off securely to a door handle and go! Them jerry's gotta vent hole adjacent to the female thread so ya don't need ta supply any other vent. But...if tha can is overfilled, pusholine will leak/froth out that hole so beware.

Doin' this just eliminates tha biggest reason why this crap don't run, ya can deal with that part later! This ain'ta permanent fix!

I carry around anutha similar rig, that one'sa bit more "airline/tsa" friendly, I use it mainly to pump crappy tanks though, or for fuel transfer from one tank to a can or whatever. Whenever I do deadawg recoveries it always is in the tool supply.

"fuel-rated" soft hose will deteriorate (usually swells and gits real spongee) if left immersed in gasoline, this guapo we gotta run now with that dam alkeehole in it is even worse. So ya don't wanna leave the sukkin' tube down in the jerry for more than 24 hours or so.
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