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Default Take this spare engine off my hands. Please.

Hi all,

As I mentioned in the last BABS meeting, I am fixing to move soon.
So I've got this V8 engine block that I have been saving as a "core". I don't really want to pay someone to drag an 800 Lb hunk of cast iron halfway across the country, so I'll offer it to my fellow BABSters for free. Just come and get it.
If no one wants it by next week, I'll throw it onto IH Parts America the main page.

The '79 formerly known as "Ol' Rusty"
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Default Re: Take this spare engine off my hands. Please.

Sorry, I'm all packed in like a sardine in my storage unit. I was in a very similar position a few years ago when I was moving out of my shop space, and down sizing all my storage units to only one unit. Had no room for 3 IH motors.

Hope to see ya before you move. Take care
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