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Default 1953 R-120 starter solenoid question

New to this site but had what may be a very basic question. I was having trouble getting a starter for my 6 volt 53, it has a solenoid attached to the starter. I found one, ordered it, and I figured I would have to swap the solenoid. When I got it there are no holes to screw the solenoid down. I can use the copper bar to attach it but figure that wont ground enough. Should I attach to fender or is the solenoid not necessary on some starters (or built in to). Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: 1953 R-120 starter solenoid question

Some pictures for comparison would help. Did you look into having your original starter rebuilt by a competent electrical repair shop? Doesn't sound to me like the replacement starter is an OEM part, but rather one that perhaps crosses over with several unrelated applications and can be more or less made to work with some degree of cobbling by the end user. The solenoid function is pretty important. You won't be able to not have it hooked up. The closer you can mimic the original configuration, the better, which takes me right back to my rebuild suggestion.
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Default Re: 1953 R-120 starter solenoid question

Correct me if I'm wrong in this case, but doesnt the solenoid engage the gear to the flywheel? In the case of your new starter, unless it has a leaver sticking out one side, it may have the gear mesh function internal and require diferent wiring. You could measure the housing and drill/tap some holes to mount it, but it seems like alot of ifs and effort to me. I took the starter out of my 46 Dodge down to my local auto parts store and they sent it out to be rebuilt, came out great.
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Default Re: 1953 R-120 starter solenoid question

My post said 1953 r-120 but it should say 1950 L-110 not that that affects this but you are correct in saying it is a crossover and not oem. The only reason I was questioning if it could be internal is that I have a couple of old ferguson tractors and they don't have an external solenoid that I could find but they fire up off of a starter switch. I am in the process of having the original starter rebuilt right now, I may just wait on it. Can a starter have an internal solenoid?
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