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Duane Becker
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Default Plate between engine block and oil filter housing

A few months ago, I swapped out the engine on my 1965 Scout 80. I bought a 1961 - 80 that was rebuilt and painted from a local guy off craigslist. I had the engine swapped out by a mechanic friend. We noticed that plate between engine block and the oil filter housing was mounted with three holes compared to my old engine's plate that had four holes. Got everything back together and engine started right up and sounds fine. However after about one hour or so of running it, this oil leak developed on this plate. I took the plate off and replaced with with another plate that I purchased. I still have my original plate from the old engine. Still leaks. I used 2 gaskets on both side of this plate as well. Any idea why it is still leaking?
There's a Scout parts store in Spokane Washington, Out Back Scout. Owner there mentions to get the gasket sealer called "Copper Coat" and liberally applied and don't assemble until sealer has become tacky. Owner also mentioned the 1961 had the three hole plate which starting in 1962 IH went to a four hole plate.
Anyone else ever had a similar problem?
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