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Current babs non-laws as scripted by the honorable doc.
This applies to any location. Just change a few names to protect the innocent where applicable.

we don’t have a president: dave is hereby appointed maven. He calls the meetings Unless someone else calls a meeting….

we don’t have dues: funds are raised officially by the maven saying” hey, we need some money for ______ project/activity. Ante up”

treasurer: no money, no treasurer.

secretary: nothing of note happens anyway and there are precious few IH owners who can write legibly.

rules of order: marty smacks miscreants on the noggin with a coke bottle in cases of disorder. Otherwise, do as the maven directs.

society goals: play with old IH iron. Anybody else can come along because we need something to practice towing.

affiliations: join a state wide club so we can go to other people’s parties, too.

elections: I vote for dave. Any dissents? Talk to the guy with the coke bottle.

membership: own an IH something or other and show up at a meeting, dinner or event. Families are welcome.

website: we are welcome to post on IHPartsAmerica.com forum

notification: by email. If you don’t email, ask your kid to use his/hers.

change of non-laws: when and what the maven decides. Dissenters can talk to the coke bottle.

dissolution: nobody shows up





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Default Re: BABS bylaws

It's still funny........................
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orng blsm spcl
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Default Re: BABS bylaws

Haha yep!
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Sounds good to me!
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It has been a while since the coke bottle has been pressed into service. Are we not having enough meetings or has the membership become a lot more polite?

The '79 formerly known as "Ol' Rusty"
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No meetings I have been aware of in the past few months.
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Meetings? Unfortunately, due to my work schedule during the week, its difficult for me to trek down to fremont. Especially when I roll out of bed at about 3: 30am, mondays through thursdays. I'm up for gatherings here in my cave once and awhile. But the last few I had scheduled, no one showed up. Although, I have had a few local IH owners straggling in ever so often. The way I look at it, I pretty much have an open door policy for any of the IH owners.
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