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Default Re: Getting title in CA

There's only light rust in that area. I wire brushed it and even side lighting the area and nothing shows up except some large faint hand painted numbers - paint pen?. There is a 4 digit number stamped on the passenger side frame extender, 118" wheelbase. On that same part is white painted stenciled lettering and numbers that are hard to read. On the front of the frame is some original color, a lovely avocado hue, over spray under the peeling repaint color, not so avocado green. On the front door hinge side pillar/jamb hidden by the front fender, someone welded their name. It's covered in original color paint. Maybe S.L. Scott got bored on the assembly line! None of this matters, I'm just curious.
Maybe the frame was replaced long time ago?
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Default Re: Getting title in CA

I realize this is an old thread but for the sake of anyone interested, I've done 2 of these recently and both were successful.

On the first one I had no title but a BOS and a request for duplicate title was in hand and also had power of attorney signed and notarized from the daughter of the original owner who was now deceased. That one I paid $90 and got a temp reg so I could drive to CHP and get it verified. That was super easy as all he did was check the frame and the data plate. I had already cleaned the frame and had a light shining on it for him even

On the second one, I had a very old title and 4 BOS from all the owners that bought and sold without registering it! That one cost me $210 (no idea why the increase) and same deal with the CHP. The day I drove it there was the first time in 35 years that it was driven on the highway AFAIK, and I made it there and back. On that one I still need to go back to DMV with the verification form, but that will be the final trip.
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