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Default Heated Oxygen Sensor

Is anybody using a heated O2 sensor? How do is it wired and does it matter which one?

I have the Affordable Fuel Injection kit that IH Only used to sell.

I installed Stan's Shorty Headers with ceramic coating. I did not want to mess with the coating, so I put O2 sensor downstream of the ball flange.

Now I get codes 13 (lost connection to oxygen sensor) and 44 (out of range lean) whenever I am at light cruise (level, 40-50 MPH). The check engine light does not stay lit when I get back in throttle, and I have confirmed over a couple weeks of driving and clearing codes that I only get them at light throttle.

I think the O2 sensor is not staying hot enough (600 degrees) at light cruise. I know I do not have the sensor in optimal location, but at this point, heated sensor seems simplest solution.
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Bill USN-1
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Default Re: Heated Oxygen Sensor

A 3 wire normally has 2 black wires and a white wire.
The white is the sensor and the other 2 are the heating element.
Doesn't matter which what you wire them.
12v + and - it's just a element so polarity doesn't matter.
Colors of witres may vary but still the same.
2 of one color.
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May be the answer to all your fuel injection needs!
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