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Default 1970 International 1300D

Hello Experts,

Very recently aquired my grandfathers old truck. It is barn fresh and needs some love but it very solid. Title says it is a 1970 1300. Do you all agree? Please check out the picture. I want to use this truck so it needs to be safe. Any front and or rear drum to disk conversions that will fit this 2wd truck?

Thanks a lot guys. I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty on this one.

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Default Re: 1970 International 1300D

Based on the round body style and the grille, I would say it is either a '67 or a '68 1300C...but definitely not a 1970 1300D, as the switch to that body style happened in 1969. It has a one-ton payload rating. These trucks aren't exactly speed demons. They stopped well enough when new to be as safe as any other vehicle on the road at that time.
How do you plan to use it? Have you removed wheels and drums to begin inspecting components? If not, I'd start with triaging what you have first to figure out what exactly needs to be replaced and what doesn't. Many normal replacement brake parts are still readily available for these trucks, but less frequently replaced items like drums might be tougher to source.
Does it have a vacuum assist brake booster between the firewall and master cylinder?
I don't see you "kitting" your way to a dramatically updated braking system with your current axles. Even if such a kit existed, it would be extremely expensive. If disk brakes are a must-have, and if after you've actually assessed the condition of the current brake system and found it too far gone to be viable, then you're most likely looking at sourcing quite a few matched parts from a more modern, one ton donor truck to make it a reality, either Ford, Chevy or Dodge with dual rear wheels.
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Default Re: 1970 International 1300D

Thanks a lot for your help and information. I greatly appreciate the advice and ideas.
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