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Question No Power..nada

Ok - I've read everything on this forum and binder bulletin and can't figure out what I've fried on my 72 Scout ll.

Like an idiot I mistakenly touched my screw driver to the fuse panel. Oops. Sparks flew and everything went dead.

All of the fuses on the panel are fine. I tried jumping the battery, nothing. I took the battery into the auto store to have it tested and it is fine. I replaced a circuit breaker I found underneath the dash thinking that might help. I replaced the in-line fuse under the hood. I've unplugged and reattached random wires in hopes it would somehow reset itself.

Nothing has worked. What did I fry and how do I fix it? Please and thank you in advance!
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Default Re: No Power..nada

Got a 12v test light? Good. Connect the alligator clip to a good ground and probe the fuse panel. No power to any of the fuses? Then probe various junction points along the current path starting at the battery and working in a logical progression from there. From the battery the first junction is the large lug on the starter solenoid. The next junction from there is where the 10ga wire also connected to the large solenoid lug runs up from there and enters the bulkhead connector on the passenger side of the firewall. If at any point the test light doesn't light, that's where your breakdown is.
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Default Re: No Power..nada

Look at post #20 in this thread and you will find the schematics for 1972 and 1973 Scout II:


Using a test lamp or a vom, start at the battery and work your way through the starting/charging circuits as advised by trever.

You mentioned a "circuit breaker" under the dash. The only oem circuit breaker on these vehicles is a part of the headlamp switch and is used only for controlling the headlamp system. Any other circuit breaker would be something added non-oem.

Most likely...the single (or in some cases the double) fusible link wire segment (s) that is part of the starting and charging systems. That May be found either down close to the starter or as an "attachment" to the electrical supply bulkhead connector.

Many Scout II vehicles have had the oem fusible link segments replaced over the years by some other sort of fuse mechanism.
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