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Default Steering blues!

I have a 77 SII, 196-1bbl, 4sp, D20,d44's, p/s, p/b, 2 inch lift with 2 inch body lift. - Basically Stock.
Looking for some thoughts re: the power steering box and "any" adjustments that are possible. I have just a tiny bit of "play" in my steering when driving. Put the Scout on jack stands, took off the front tires, and played with the steering (back and forth) to see exactly where the "play" is. The Scout drives just fine at 60-65 mph, but I would like to see if I can get the "play" to go away. Frame is not cracked, and I have steel plate on both sides of frame where steering box bolts on. I switched from the stock rag joint to the older "bell" steering coupler (feels a little bit firmer/sturdier)

Seems that the steering box has about a 1/4 inch play from steering column to wheel rotors. At the steering wheel, maybe 1 1/2 inches either way from center. I notice that there is an adjusting nut and lock nut on top of the steering box and was curious: what is this adjusting nut for? Is it possible to "tighten up" the looseness in the steering with this adjusting nut, or is it for something else? any thoughts are appreciated.
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Default Re: Steering blues!

Worn ball joints, tie rod ends, and drag link ends are all known sources of steering slop in these Scouts, and items that should be inspected/replaced before messing with the adjustment on the steering gear box. From what little I know, that adjustment is not something to be trifled with lightly. Its easy to do more harm than good there. The suspension and body lifts have also changed the handling characteristics of the vehicle. The center of gravity is higher for one thing.
Is the front sway bar that ties the frame sides together still in place? The bell joint you retrofitted is probably better than a rotten, nearly disintegrated rag joint, but I dare say not as sturdy as a Borgeson universal steering joint would be. IH Parts here has several other products intended to add rigidity to the frame in lieu of a missing front sway bar.
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