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Default T90 ?'s and parts

I recently bought a T90 rebuild kit from IHPA which honestly was a disaster because 70/80% of the parts were not right for my transmission which I took out of a 70, 800. This is not a bitch session about that but I feel people need to know that it is not the right kit.

My question is how do you get the right parts or are they unobtainable? Also, I need to get some gears such as reverse and the multi-gear, gear cluster as well.

Parts from the kit I could not use:

Blocking rings incorrect.
Thrust washers too small.
Synchronizer shift dogs incorrect.
Input shaft seal too small.
Input shaft needle bearings too large.
Synchro shift springs incorrect.

Things we were able to use.
Front bearing
Rear bearing
Cluster gear needle bearings and 6 washers.
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Default Re: T90 ?'s and parts

We know these rebuild kits do not cover every part in every T90 as there were many variances of this transmission thru the years. Did you call in and see if we could source you the correct parts or look into maybe you having an odd duck T90? Michael is really good with getting this stuff figured out so if you haven't called I'd suggest you do and see if he can help you get this figured out.

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