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Oil Scout
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Question 392 Four Speed to 727?

I have the following:

1) vehicle model. Scout 800A
2) production date/or year model. 3/1970
3) two wheel drive or four wheel drive. Four
4) type of transmission (and transfer case if applicable). Four Speed, unsure of transfer case
5) if 4x4, which axles front and rear. Dana 44, 409 gears
6) which engine variation. V392E 1380624A
7) which ignition system variation. Petronix
8) which fuel system variation. Standard
9) which brake system variation. Front Disc Rear / Drum
10) non-oem modifications present which May impact a response.

Just beginning to consider changing to a Automatic transmission. Wondering of the pros/cons of this swap. So many threads on here, all great sources, but hard to find what I need without reading so many. If someone could just point me in the right direction of threads to read, I'm more than eager to do the reading.
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Default Re: 392 Four Speed to 727?

Is there a physical reason, like a gimpy clutch knee or similar condition that makes an automatic personally more preferable to a standard? What's going to be the primary use of the vehicle and what is the anticipated mix of paved versus non-paved driving in percentage?

I'm pretty familiar with the Chrysler Torqueflite A-727 autos that IH stuck behind their engines in these rigs. I have a healthy respect and appreciation for them. I've been inside them up to my elbows and armpits. I have them in both of the IH rust piles in my signature at the bottom. That said, in the case of my Scout which is a modified, but still pavement legal trail pig, I sometimes dream about it having the 4 speed with deep reduction 1st gear. The one with super low granny low that you'd only use for banana slug creepy crawls. So its basically a 3 speed manual with an occasional granny crawl. Yeah, I think I would prefer that one over the auto.

Reason why is, the auto trans, even when held in manual low, does not give much in the way of engine braking while negotiating a steep, rough decline, even when 4x4 low range is selected. The other advantage to having a standard trans is the possibility of compression starting the engine in the event of a drained battery, damaged starter or similar. Its one last chance to get the engine running and get yourself home under power in such a circumstance that you just can't do with a slushbox. Now, the one place where I feel an auto shines is when you're going up a steep, rough climb. Being able to just feather the throttle without having to inny/outty on the clutch pedal at the same time is nice. There are pro's and cons to either setup. If after reading all the above, your preference is still to go with the auto, I can provide you with more specific guidance as to what collection of parts will be necessary to acquire.
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