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Mark Pietz
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Default Re: One stuck nut! D300

I picked up a copy of the d300 service bulletin. It's pretty good but has a few details about the d300 that I found surprising. Aside from the gasket between the unit and the transmission, no formal gaskets were referenced, just using some suitable rtv type sealant. I think the right stuff will suffice! The two poppet springs are listed as being the same with one "exploded diagram" number. Mine has a plain spring (rear) and red spring (front). The red spring is noticeably stiffer. Also, the output yokes are to be torqued to 150 ft./lbs., instead of the d20's normal 200-300 lbs.

Otherwise, I really like the improvements over a d20 and the use of sliding collars to link gears and power flow vs. Sliding gears with their dogs. However, it is plain that setting up the rear output shaft's clearance will be a pain compared to a d20.

Hopefully get the new bearings, cups, and intermediate shaft kit first of the year. I took measurements before I disassembled it. The output shafts had end plays around 0.008" and the im shaft had 0.013" clearance (new thrust washers usually end up <0.005"); so a refreshing was definitely in order.
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