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Default Harbor Freight Transmission Jack

I bought a 1960 Scout 80 in 83, and I have owned half a dozen since then.

In that time, I have change transmissions at least a dozen times, using everything from a garage jack to a board across the doors and a come along through the tunnel cover.

So I finally decided to invest 82$ minus the 20% off coupon in a harbor freight 450 lb scissor transmission jack.

Using the harbor freight transmission jack was the easiest, quickest transmission install on a Scout I have done. There were,of course, a few pitfalls:
  1. I needed to put the truck on jack stands to get the transmission and jack under the vehicle. Once it was under, I needed to take the truck off the jack stands to have enough lift height to get the transmission in place. I do have 4 inches of lift on my truck; the jack might have worked on a stock truck without this iteration.
  2. I put the jack all the way down to get the transmission under the truck, but it took a breaker bar and a gorilla to get the transmission going up. The leverage on the scissor jack is all wrong when lowered all the way. Once the jack was up an inch, it moved very easily.
  3. the ratchet strap that keeps the transmission on the jack is a great idea poorly executed. Once the transmission is bolted in and the x member installed under the 4x4 extension, there is no room to release the ratchet lever on the strap. I took the nut off the bolt that retains the strap and tapped the bolt out to release the strap. Next time, I will try a separate strap with the ratchet lever under the jack table. Of course you cannot do this with the jack in the lowest position while rolling the transmission under the truck, but you could put the ratchet on the side until the jack starts up, then move the ratchet to the bottom.

    Bottomline; don't expect miracles, but the price is right and it beats the alternatives.
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Default Re: Harbor Freight Transmission Jack

Sounds somewhat typical of horrible fright. I have seen those, and with all the horrible reviews, and forum talk, that I have seen of that tool, I won't be getting one. I have heard of those jacks breaking and falling apart while there's a load on it. I value my life to much to trust a poorly made cheap tool like that.

Granted, certain tools from horrible freight I would buy. But when it comes to most major equipment, I will spend a little extra for a better quality tool from somewhere else. There are fabrication shops that actually make add on upgrades to some of the tools from there.

As a side note:
for the transmission removal, the one jack I May consider from there, would be the 1500 lb. Motor cycle lift. I have a friend who had to pull the trans out of his e350 van using his motorcycle lift. Said it worked great.
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Default Re: Harbor Freight Transmission Jack

Their hydro jack with adjustable tilt table works pretty well, but a little more cabbage. They've got quite a bit of lift height, but still often won't clear the frame with the trans on board. There's almost always going to be some level of compromise involved in shadetree trans r-n-r.
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Default Re: Harbor Freight Transmission Jack

I bought there best one 2,000lbs, a few years ago and that thing is awesome. I've used it more then just the trans.
The tilt right/left front/back is a must.

I did not like the adjustable chain and made mounts that allows me to bolt it to the plate and then to the transmission or transfer case. Had way to many slip off over the years.

I also chopped down one of there hoist support and pick up some 12 ton jack stands, no more wood blocks. Not sure why it took so long to get those tools.
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