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Robert Kenney
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Default Low Serial Number 61 Scout 80

Before all of this personal public IH exposure, before my 65' CS, I had a fairly low serial number(7000's) 61 Scout 80 that I played with and eventually tore apart in the interest of making it a nice example of a 61 scout 80. I had replaced all of the less than perfect front clip with perfect factory metal, (yes drilled out the spot welds and rosette welded them back in) and accomplished 99% of the body work including long blocking the heavy primer to paintable condition. Rebuilt the T90 and T18, swapped in a tapered axle dana 44 in the rear, and did a very sketchy spring over. I had collected hundreds of spare parts some NOS (when they were cheap).

Then along came the offer of my 65 CS and at a price I couldn't refuse. I only had room for one so I sold off the 61 to a fellow employee for peanuts and that included all of the spare parts that did not cross over to my 65.

Fast forward 10 years, the guy I sold it to (still working for me) had not laid so much as a finger on it, and has stored in a clean garage protected the whole time. His family is moving out of the house and the new digs won't have room for the 61, so he offered it back to me as a higher price but still in a reasonable range. I said yes and now the story goes on. back then I did not have the desire to document these projects with photos and thus have 0.0 pictures of the 61.

So this will be the place where I will document the continued restoration and subsequent reassembly of the 61 Scout. It will be a project and in the end I will sell it as I only want one Scout 80.

Place holder for the sort term, unfortunately.
Robert Kenney

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Default Re: Low Serial Number 61 Scout 80

Will be looking forward to it!
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