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Artic bob
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Default 1977 scout with a prestolite cap and rotor wonít start.

Hello well my plow truck will no longer start, but it has a few problem it a 4 cylinder gas 196.
The scout was running very rough
I notice that the fuel filter was not full when running so I replace the fuel pump, New fuel filter, fuel filter is now full
But then when running, If I turn off the ignition the carb sounded like it was ď boilingĒ , but it was flooding, gas just kept coming in
Took Carb apart and cleaned it with brake clean, re install itís not flooding any longer, I think the needle and seat needed to be cleaned, I did not change any of the setting, itís a Holley 1940, I have also removed the automatic choke and installed a manual choke, I took most of the linkage off and maybe I should not have, one in particular, I think itís a choke diaphragm, but I figure if I have a manual choke I donít need this, ? Maybe, I donít know.
But that did not help, still not starting
Installed new spark plug, New. Wires, New cap and rotor still not working....

I would like to check the coil and maybe do you have a wire diagram and coil spec.. or what ever test I can do on the prestolite system,

Should I replace this system to a better one, and also replace the carb?

This truck just stays in my yard and plows snow, so not to worried about environment laws.... All I want is a truck that starts, so if I can eliminate some stuff, their is a box on the fire wall it has a vacuum going to it, and the vacuum goes to a diaphragm on the carb, what is that? I think it has to do with the automatic choke, On the same box their are electrical wires but I donít know what this is,
I know itís a stupid question but do I need this to make my truck run?

If I can eliminate stuff in order to make it work I will.

I am not a mechanic, but I know one, but before I call him he will ask me to find out the wire diagram, the ignition specs, the cylinder fire sequence... the spark plug wires and where they go.

Could I find all of this here? If yes how?

Thank you.
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