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Default Wheel stud.

It’s been years since I replace my rotors. When I did I had the studs pressed in. Now my studs are loose and fall out. They will torque down just fine, but when I install the wheel I have to start them by hand and pull them so they won’t just rotate.

I have read that maybe a bigger spline. But all the counter guys does is look at me and ask what year.

Can anyone give me a good part number to a wheel stud that will fit?
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Robert Kenney
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Default Re: Wheel stud.

Have you verified the hole sizes you are pressing the studs into? I assume the studs are ribbed where they press into the hub.
These are usually defined by the hole and such. Dorman has a nice web sight and you can review all of the other studs that are in the range of yours.

When you remove one of the loose studs, have a look at the grooves the stud made in the hole. They should displace material as the stud goes in and that fills the groove between the ribs on the stud. Basically you end up with a fit that requires a heavy hammer to budge if at all.

If that fails to give you joy, Loctite has a locking compound for studs that will stop the movement.
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