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Default Replace or rebuild Holley 1920 on 232

Hello all, a rather green weekend warrior here seeking some advice.

I'm trying to figure out my options on a carburetor rebuild or replacement. I have noticed some folks have had bad luck with the remanufactured 1920s. I'm sorting through a 1971 1110 at the moment and would like to hear some experiences with other carbs. With any luck, a rebuild will do but I suspect the linkage is pieced together. I also see a dashpot in all the spec sheets I can find but mine is missing. Maybe different set up used by IH? IDK

I came across the universal 1904 option as a new replacement.

Are there others that will swap right in? Any experiences with this option?

A point in the right direction would be great. Thanks!

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Default Re: Replace or rebuild Holley 1920 on 232

You might have better luck searching AMC enthusiast forums. Yes, its an IHC vehicle, but the engine is not IH. Answers to questions like these can be a numbers game and the numbers on an IH enthusiast forum like this just aren't in your favor. Most of the folks here are dealing with IH SV8 or inline 4 engines. I'm not trying to shoo you away by any means. You're as welcome here as anyone else. Its just a thought.
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Default Re: Replace or rebuild Holley 1920 on 232

I run a Weber 38 degas on my 258 and have no complaints. It's a two barrel with mechanical secondary. Might have issues finding an adaptor though.
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