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Default Introducing: International Harvester

So it's thanksgiving. My oldest half-brother owned two Scout II's. One sold, one still sat in the yard. I liked it, it was a big vehicle inside.

So after dinner, when he leaves for st. Louis, he says "happy thanksgiving." and throws me an envelope.

Title and whatnot. A 1977 IH Scout II (or so I thought!), 304 with 3spd auto.

Here are pictures of it as it sat in my yard for several years. Lots of mowing around this one.

Name:  '77 (IH) Scout II.jpg
Views: 11011
Size:  94.0 KB
The top is obviously not factory, unless this is some expensive blue on black rock'n roll custom paintcanjob.

Name:  '77 Before - Front.jpg
Views: 1291
Size:  47.8 KB
And I couldn't find pictures of another '77 sii with this grill...

Name:  '77 Before - Left.jpg
Views: 1341
Size:  48.8 KB
Name:  '77 Before - Rear.jpg
Views: 1220
Size:  51.5 KB
Name:  '77 Before - Right.jpg
Views: 1308
Size:  56.2 KB
Name:  '77 interior.jpg
Views: 1232
Size:  37.4 KB
Rough seats... Buckets, with console.

Name:  '77 304.jpg
Views: 1402
Size:  44.2 KB
304, 2210c carb on top.

if ya cain't tell, I'm in mississippi river flatts here. Swampeast Missouri, all dried up and drained out.

It's not a recent build, but I figured I didn't have anything else posted here. Might as well show and tell a little.

If I shouldn't post this, I understand, since this is really a place for private projects and the outside info to supplement them.


Name:  '79 Before - Front.jpg
Views: 1431
Size:  35.7 KB
This'n is a 1979 Scout II fershure. Bought it $200 for parting out. Now, I'm not so sure I don't want it self-movable... fever is common in these vehicles.

Name:  '79 Before - Left.jpg
Views: 1293
Size:  47.7 KB
It has a terrible body as you can see... Po (really just had it sitting) tells me he got it from some guys who pushed it out of a ditch with a d-9 dozer.

Name:  '79 Before - Rear.jpg
Views: 1339
Size:  39.3 KB

After getting under this thing, I find out it still has a tab to say 3.54 gearing, same set as the '77 model.

Name:  '79 Before - Right.jpg
Views: 1289
Size:  44.0 KB

Brake pedal is free, haven't even looked into it. By now I've got the dash disassembled inside, we robbed the hard top seals, and the only valuable part is the tilt steering / drivetrain / axles / maybe frame.

Name:  '79 interior.jpg
Views: 1202
Size:  41.7 KB
It has a t-19 wide range, behind a 345 with ac setup. The clutch is sloppy, I stole the coil, the radiator won't do, but the po says he started it up a few years back, and it ran fine. Has a replacement starter I do believe.

Name:  '79 seats.jpg
Views: 1137
Size:  29.9 KB
Passenger-friendly seats (were later successfully robbed, put into '77 no trouble)

then begins the doing. Startup first time, no other work done:

Name:  startup.jpg
Views: 1220
Size:  21.7 KB
First day, poured gas down carb. Apparently required good cleaner soak, which we couldn't give it. Ran for 30 seconds while Mom got a picture.

Name:  noRad.jpg
Views: 1248
Size:  70.0 KB
After removing radiator for recoring, just a good shot of semi-clean engine with no hood in the way.

Name:  soft-safari evident.jpg
Views: 1264
Size:  55.1 KB
Can anyone say soft-safari package? Maybe I'm wrong.

Having trouble fitting all the images into the first thread, more will follow of the work we did.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg '79 345.jpg (44.0 KB, 404 views)
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File Type: jpg the cancer.jpg (80.6 KB, 260 views)
File Type: jpg patchwork.jpg (52.3 KB, 262 views)
File Type: jpg gearnotch.jpg (57.1 KB, 251 views)
File Type: jpg coating.jpg (63.3 KB, 256 views)
File Type: jpg more rubber.jpg (92.3 KB, 255 views)
File Type: jpg rubber aah.JPG (93.5 KB, 252 views)
File Type: jpg rubber.JPG (77.9 KB, 256 views)
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Default Re: Introducing: International Harvester

Looks like you got a case of ihism.....(they multiply) think it's incurable. Wish my floorboard looked that good. Keep up the good work.
Might verify that the rocker assembly is oiling if it has been sitting in the yard like you said. These things seem to have problems when they are neglected for awhile. The crud builds up in 'em.
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Old 10-10-2008, 10:03 PM   #3
Eric VanBuren
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Default Re: Introducing: International Harvester

What you have there is an SSII that someone has put doors and a traveltop on. The grille, the stickers on the tailgate, the rubber fender flares, and the holes for the door insert are the external clues. Snaps on either side of the defroster vents to attach the covers to keep dust ect out of there and the vin tag on the kick panel instead of inside the door jamb are the internal clues.

It amazes me just how many of the SSII's show up that have been converted to steel doors and tops. I've got a set of fenders from one, with a garage full of parts I snagged a few years ago, complete with stickers and raw bondo covering the door insert holes.
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Old 10-11-2008, 04:07 AM   #4
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Location: sandy, humid, alluvial paradise
Age: 28
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Default Re: Introducing: International Harvester

Eric: mine fits the bill you described to a tee. We had figured this about the time we started really Looking at the vehicle, and I almost wish it still had the soft doors/top.

I got evidence for my Dad, who still thought it was a sii, when we began patching the panels at each end of both rockers. Grind away paint to weld, and surprise! We find where the soft door used to snap on.

We actually do have the soft top, but the problem is that my brother was joyriding without securing the top in a down condition... Result? A winded pop and death of the top.

He never had it with soft doors. Neither did the japanese guy who gave it to him. So, they dug up a hard top (after letting it sit in the rain for 2+ years!) and capped it off.

It had substantial rocker rot and it could still use a frame-off to deal with much left-over rust, but we didn't have the resources for such a project. I doubt I'll have the resources for a very long time.

I'll get to the botched rocker job (read: removed hard top) later, now I have to take my regal to a transmission guy to get the lockup function looked at.
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