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Default Re: Scout Scrambler look-a-like?

Originally Posted by ihochad View Post
that thing is saaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwweeeeeeeeeeet you deserve a kick to the junk for getting rid of that thing!! I have been looking for something like that basically my whole life. Love that thing... Any idea where it is now?
Needed the $$$ and the room. I never really drove it much, need some stuff done to it so it was reliable and I didnt have the scratch at the time. Some guy from az came out with a trailer and an escalade and got it from me. It squawted the back of that that caddy bad!! That truck had to weight around 5500 or so. I drove my Jeep up to fresno when I got it, towed the Jeep on the back all the way home with it. Had it for about 3 years, had a d60/d44 combo
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Old 06-14-2010, 08:55 PM   #17
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Default Re: Scout Scrambler look-a-like?

those are indeed some nice rigs, I saw that episode where the scrambler had a regular top on to then put the propane tanks in the back, was always curious if anyone has used a Scout II hard top on a Scout II traveller.

Would be nice to see one fabbed up.
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Old 06-14-2010, 10:32 PM   #18
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Default Re: Scout Scrambler look-a-like?

I still don't know what a IH scrambler is.
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Default Re: Scout Scrambler look-a-like?

Jeep made the Jeep scrambler. Ian modified a Jeep scrambler on 4x4 xtreme tv show, and thats when I did a drawing (look at the first post)to show a Scout done up like ian did the scrambler on the show. Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Scout Scrambler look-a-like?

@71mtnscout My dad built that truck in the early 90s, I helped as much as a 4-5 year old could. Its a Travelall with the back chopped, and the back of a Travelette cab cut and put in.
I grew up in the back seat of that thing.
I actually drove it for awhile, but high school me couldn't afford it so we ended up selling it. Now I wish I had figured out a way.
I recently moved to AZ and would really like to find it, maybe get it back.
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