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Default IHPA 2020 Calendar - Final Vote Results

The final vote is in! Out of 34 voters, the winning pictures for this years IH Parts America 2020 Calendar is:

17 votes - Apc-05 - 1969 Scout 800 in Bakersfield
16 votes - ihpartsjeff - Scouting Alaska
15 votes - Rob Gojkovich - L172
14 votes - int77345 - Rocky Mountains
12 votes - dlang0299 - 1976 Scout II in Sonoma Mountains
11 votes - jtorre4272 - Scouting Fort Wayne
11 votes - Dime1957 - 1956 S-132 1 Ton Dually
8 votes - IH Widow - Nevada City 2019 IHSFR
7 votes - Zaedster - 2019 IHSFR Trail Run
7 votes - btucker_ss2 - French Creek
7 votes - farmall57 - Dad's 1966 Scout
6 votes - Binderdan - Fort Wayne Tower
6 votes - Bedrock Bill - 1967 Sportop at Alamo
6 votes - Michael Dimock - Fordyce Fall 2019
5 votes - 77SSscout - Mackinaw River

As you can see there were 15 winners since we had a two three way ties. I'm going to do my best and try to put all of these pictures into the calendar(and maybe a few more) but as in years past the quality has to be real good otherwise we won't be able to use your photo. Since we had three extra runner ups I can't promise you your picture will make it in but will try and use all 15 winners, again as long as the quality of the image is good.

All winners need to forward me their original unedited picture asap. Some are already good enough so I may not need a better copy. Some have already emailed me. For those that do I will try and send out a private message as a reminder as soon as possible. Please email your highest resolution photo to sales@IHPartsAmerica.com and put into the sunbect "Calendar Picture".

I need to get working on this asap and plan on beginning this Wednesday the 13th so please send me your original proof as soon as possible.

Also if you are aware of any IH related events in your area and would like to have that event included in the calendar please let us know as soon as possible or post here so we can get it added.

Thanks to all who participated and again congrats to all the winners of this years 2020 IHPA Calendar!

Jeff Ismail
IH Parts America - Owner
IH Sierra Fall Rallye Event Coordinator
Binder Books
CPT - Crawler Proven Technology
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