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Default Rebuilding an NP202

I will be doing a full rebuild on this unit, its already removed, and is factory original to the truck it was pulled from(1965 1100). Leaks like a civil servant, and possibly has bearing noise(its either the drivelines or these bearings). The first step is to ensure there actually is a transfer case somewhere encased in this glob of road grime:

The gunk is strong in this one... Here it is after some screwdriver scrubbing:

Here is the oil that came out of it, not the greatest ever, but couldve been nothing in there so I'll take it:

I've found evidence of both red and black paint under the grime, with some careful scratching I could tell the red was underneath the black and looks to be in a similar condition to the paint on this trucks 304 engine, so that will be the color of the new paint:

On that note, I'm a knownothing in regards to under body painting, nor do I have a spray gun, anybody out there who knows a good/cheapish DIY method feel free to educate me cheapish said, I want to do it right; I dont want to skimp anything and it needs to be durable. I have a kit on the way with seals, bearings, and small parts, I will be fabricating a couple gaskets not included in the kit and will likely need to fabricate the bearing retainer gaskets in their correct thicknesses as well. Right now I'm just waiting on a muscle bound minion to help me pick this dadgum heavy thing up and get it on a bench, and the rebuild kit itself.
Edit: just for the record, the history I've been told on this truck is that it was owned by a telephone company for line maintenance, and heavy use of a pto winch. So consequently its high hours, but relatively low miles at around 45k
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