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Default My first IH a 77 Scout II

Well I bought this Scout about a year ago and this is what it looked like when I brought it home.

Well it ran like crap and barlely made the 30 min the trip home from where my Dad had met me (he towed it over on a trailer from yakima wa which is about 3 hours from me) so I knew it needed a little work to get it road worthy.

So began my first journey into the IH world, I started with a basic tune up. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and oil change. Once we had it running well enough to drive around town and make a couple trips on the freeway I started paying attention to the bucket seats the po put in. They made their own seat frame that just sat to high inside the Scout (I couldn't fit with the top on). I began hunting down some stock front seat pedestals, and during that search I ran across a guy who had front and rear seats, door cards, steering column, and pedestals so I scooped all that up and installed it. Next on my list was the power steering leak that was real bad. Po had routed the pressure line right above the exhaust manifold and over time it had worn the hose and burned away the outer layer. So I was able to pick up a new pressure line from my local parts store problem fixed.

Now that it was running pretty good I wanted to address the messed up paint job. Not that I wanted something perfect because this Scout was going to see trail time. But I at least wanted it one color. We ended up painting it white to try and finish what the po had started. Looking back I now wish we would have tried to match the factory color it would have turned out nicer.

We did all this in our driveway with hand tools and spray paint...lol

There are really only a couple places of “bad” rust on the whole Scout...here is one (all that dirt on the ground come out of that whole...lol)

And here are some pics of the finished paint job and “new” interior installed.

After we painted it we took it on a camping trip with my Dad in the naches river valley. Went on a light trail run to see how it would do. I learned a bit about how it handles and what I needed to learn about carburated engines...lol

well it was a long time before I did anything with the Scout partly because of money and partly because of life just getting in the way...lol. Most of the time it was just used as a second rig to get around, make dump runs, so on and so forth. In the last few months we have taken it on a trail run with a local 4x4 group (I was the only IH there...lol) and I found that I need to do some trimming, as well as open up the inside of the wheel wells so the 33 inch tires won't get torn up anymore or tear the body up anymore. On that trail run I gained one dent and a lot of experience with what to expect out of my Scout and now I have a much better idea of what I want to add to it.

Here are some current pictures...

Well now my plans include...

Front winch bumper and winch
modified rear bumper
rock sliders
CPT reverse schackle kit
CPT rear hd schackles
spartan lockers front and rear
wildhorses Bronco cut out flares
modified iner wheel wells
bikini top
new carb
replace gauges

now mind you I am doing this on a budget...which might be getting tighter as the days go by...lol. So some things I will be doing within the next couple months while others are farther out. But I will be posting pics and write ups of anything I do from now on, thanks for takin a look and good luck with your builds.

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Default Re: My first IH a 77 Scout II

Looks like your having fun jayman!!! The scouts looking pretty good with some big plans.
Welcome to the insanity

Ron McElroy
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Michael Mayben
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Default Re: My first IH a 77 Scout II

Great project thread...this is the essence of what dealing with this old iron is all about! All our members here at ihon can relate to this one!

Ya need to hook up with us at IHSTO:

I.h.s.t.o - IH Parts America

We have several members right in your area. And by all means ya need to plan to come down to the Binder Bee in July, that will be your absolute best resource you will ever have for playing with junk:

Are yawl ready??? If not here's some training ya might need to prepare:

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Default Re: My first IH a 77 Scout II

Well thanks guys, I have emailed the IHSTO guys through a craigslist post and talked about meeting up with them. Where they all meet is about 2 hours form me and I would like to get the Scout running a bit better (getting more than 7 mpg...lol) and fix my leaky brake master cylinder seal before I make any longer trips with it.

I also plan on cutting out the rusted parts of body panels and patching in some new sheet metal to try and stop the rust. But being my first attempt at body work we'll see how that goes. All in all I am happy with it, and can't wait to get on the trails after the mods.
77 Scout II - dana 20 T-case, 727 auto, dana 44's F/R, 345 V8, 4 inch lift, 33 inch tires, flowmaster exhaust, rattle can paint job
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