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Default Combatting Ethanol Problems

swepco 503 premium gasoline improver now replaces the “503 gas & diesel improver” which has been a stellar performance improving item for decades.

why the change?
Gasoline formulas have changed dramatically lately, and with the epa pushing for more and more “ethanol” in the fuel, it has created a problem with performance, and possible engine damage.
swepco 503 premium gasoline improver has been developed to replace the former “503" primarily to combat the effects of ethanol in the fuel, and also provide other benefits as well.

description & purpose
Swepco 503 premium gasoline improver is a unique blend of specialized high-temperature-resistant solvents, highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitors and other advanced additives especially formulated to address water, corrosion, contamination and performance issues in engines running on straight gasoline or gasoline/ethanol blends as high as e85.

special ethanol challenges
Most vehicles run on some form of ethanol today. Ethanol is alcohol that comes from processing corn, barley, wheat, sugar cane and other agricultural crops. While ethanol is a renewable energy source, it presents a number of challenges when blended with gasoline. Higher ethanol blends, such as e15 and e85, present problems that even premium gasoline additives aren’t formulated to resolve:
water - ethanol absorbs water as it sits in a fuel tank ... The more ethanol, the more water. If the percent of water reaches 0.5% it can trigger a phenomenon called “phase inversion” where the water and ethanol in the fuel separate from the gasoline and drop to the bottom of the tank. This can prevent an engine from starting or stop a running engine.
corrosion - without extra protection, the increased water content in ethanol causes corrosion and rust in fuel systems.
reduced efficiency - while ethanol increases octane levels when added to gasoline, it contains only about 66% of the energy of gasoline, so it degrades net fuel efficiency.
less stable in storage - gasoline/ethanol blends lose octane levels and degrade as they age, staying fresh for only about 90 days. Use of aged fuel in automotive engines can increase fuel consumption, carbon deposit formation, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

benefits of use
• boosts octane maximum allowed by law for highway fuels
• reduces ethanol related problems
• provides extra rust & corrosion protection
• keeps water in suspension to prevent “phase inversion”
• keeps fuel fresh longer
• keeps fuel systems clean
• insures maximum power & fuel economy
• removes varnish, gum, sludge and carbon from injectors, intake valves & piston heads
• helps prevent detonation, pre-ignition, pinging & knocking
• lubricates upper cylinder areas to reduce wear
• reduces recession of non-hardened exhaust valve seats in older engines
• helps prevent injector & injector pump wear
• reduces tailpipe nox emission levels
• won’t overheat, warp, burn exhaust valves
• won’t harm catalytic converters, oxygen sensors or turbo chargers

recommended for
Add to pure gasoline or e10, e15 or e85 ethanol blends used in all types of four cycle gasoline engines and all two cycle gasoline engines (except marine engines), whether carbureted, port fuel injected or direct injected.

treatment recommendations
Add directily to fuel tanks before filling. One 12 ounce bottle of swepco 503 treats up to 30 gallons of gasoline or ethanol. One gallon treats 333 gallons. Standard packaging is in 12 ounce bottles (24 per case).

This product is in stock at IHPA
Swepco Oil Sales Representative
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